Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hillary Didn’t Have Her Hair Done


Just something interesting I noticed. Here is a picture of Hillary on June 28th:
Here is Hillary yesterday, in the same shirt:
She doesn’t look that good in either photo, being barely able to do a black power salute in the first, but notice her hair isn’t done in the second. A national speech to the American Legion that would be all over TV, and she didn’t bother to have her on staff stylist do up her hair?
The only way I see that happening is her being too exhausted to get out of bed until the last minute, which would jibe with her being undercover for the last few weeks. It almost makes me wonder if she has been taking infusions of chemo for the tongue lump.
On the other side of the coin, Trump is on a roll, and so are his supporters. Yesterday he spoke of how criminals would be deported, and added that maybe Hillary could be deported too. His crowd cheered uproariously. That is out-grouping, and I guarantee it hurts.
A part of me thinks Hillary’s real reason for wanting the job is to screw over the good people in the country. Narcissists fixate, and accumulate grievances. Hillary’s greatest joy would be to see the entire Vast Right Wing Conspiracy crushed mercilessly, and I assume that is why she is so relentlessly driven to that office. I doubt she has much else, like a joy at seeing how she has made other people happy.
As she realizes she is on a fool’s errand, her amygdala will enter high gear, and the deleterious effects on her health will begin to really manifest. She may resort to blame to try and relieve the load, but blame only works if you can punish the blame-ee, which she cannot. My guess is her deepest rage is saved for Obama, who took from her the easy victory after Bush that she had earned. So she will fester.
If there will be a breaking point, it will be the debates. By then, they will represent in her mind the turning point. Either she will win, become President, and force her will on everyone, or Donald will win, she will get a Special Prosecutor, andin her mind Donald will do everything to her that she would do to him. It will feel like life or death, and her entire body will be breaking down right at that crucial moment, only adding to the frustration.
The stress of the debates, combined with being mercilessly tooled by Donald in them, will be the deciding point. If she doesn’t break by then, she will cruise to her defeat half-assedly, in a permanent state of piss poor health and depression. I tend to think something will give in the run up to them.
The only danger is, that amygdalae spun up as high as hers can begin to look for unconventional means to relieve the stress. Hopefully between the Secret Service, and Donald’s personal security, even Hillary’s little ad-hoc intelligence network will not be able to save her.

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