Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heroic teenage boy saves 18-year-old girl grabbed by gang of men at Oktoberfest

TEENAGE girl was grabbed by three thugs who tried to drag her away as she was on her way to meet her parents before visiting famous German beer festival Oktoberfest.

Rehema Figueiredo 
The 18-year-old was travelling to a suburb to see her parents before going on to the event that sees millions of revellers descend on the German city of Munich, when she was attacked. 
The teen had travelled from the Bavarian city of Gilching, 14 miles west of Munich, when she was brutally attacked at a bus stop by the gang of three men who pounced on her from behind, carrying her by her feet and arms towards a bike rack. 
But a heroic teenage boy who witnessed the men trying to abduct the 18-year-old stepped in, saving her from the thugs. 
The victim, who has not been named, was heard screaming for help when the young man intervened, shouting at the attackers who fled towards Landsberger Street, a busy road of shops. 
However, the brave young man has since disappeared and police are calling on him to come forward. 
According to German media, the teenage boy may well have saved the victim from an attempted sexual assault. 
She was in shock due to the attack
Police spokesperson
A police spokesperson described the young man's actions as "definitely a heroic deed" and said: "We've never had a case like this here." 
They added that the anonymous teenager would be up for a local police prize moral courage which is handed out every year. 
The victim of the attack described her hero as being tall and aged about 15-years-old but local police chief Bernhard Loibl said the victim has struggled to describe her attackers because of the trauma she suffered.
He said: "The victim wasn't able to say more about the teenager or the three perpetrators. She was in shock due to the attack." 
The police do not know why the men attacked the girl and are asking witnesses to come forward.
Oktoberfest, the festival that the teenager was on her way to when she was attacked, attracts millions of visitors every year who consume gallons of beer as well as eating traditional German delicacies.
The festival has been running for two centuries and often sees violence erupt as revellers let loose. Last year German police said they responded to more than 2,000 incidents including fights, theft and sexual assaults, including one attempted rape.  
Earlier this month the authorities in Munich revealed they were ramping up the security for the festival following three attacks in one week in the region. 
Two of the attacks were carried out by asylum seekers and Islamic State claimed responsibility for the incidents which saw several people wounded. 
A teenager also fatally shot nine people in a shopping centre in Munich in July before killing himself. Police said new security measures would include a backpack ban and a stronger police presence. 

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