Saturday, August 30, 2014

Obama: Media makes you think 'world is falling apart'

And imagine what the media would be telling you about if they didn't support our President!

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President Obama needs to focus on how the United States can meet global challenges

My sixth grade school teacher would frequently remind us students that the last four letters of American spelled "I can". Now it looks like we live in "Ameri-Can't". Even the Liberal Washington Post is shocked and dismayed by President Obama's "can't do" attitude. Well hey WP that's what you voted for.... isn't it? No more wars and no more meddling in other countries' affairs? So make up your mind!

But really WP don't worry, our President DOES have plan, he just dare not tell us about it. Like they say, a shrewd businessman doesn't tell anybody what his marketing plan is, he just executes it. Even the Marxists seem to be able to figure that much out.

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California passes plastic bag ban, would be first such law in U.S.

"SACRAMENTO Calif. (Reuters) - The California state legislature enacted a ban on plastic grocery bags on Friday near the end of its two-year session, a measure that if signed into law would become the first of its kind inAmerica."

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Saudi king warns West will be jihadists' next target

Obama's Labor Day message: Raise the minimum wage

In his weekly address, President Obama focuses attention on raising the
minimum wage.

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VIDEO - Obama on ISIS: 'We don't have a strategy yet.'

Here's the video.

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Latest Big Lie- 'We Have No Strategy'
“The central theme in Obama’s outreach to Iran is his conviction that the United States has historically played a wicked role in the Middle East, and that the best things he can do for that part of the world is to limit and withdraw American military might, and empower our self-declared enemies, whose hostility to traditional American policies he largely shares.”
“…It is even more unlikely that Mr. Obama and his spokespeople will confess to actually having a strategy, because of the political firestorm that would result. Better to be thought a fool than to remove all doubt, after all.”
As with all the other radical Leftist politicians, our President cannot be completely honest about what he wants to accomplish lest people freak out and become motivated to put up some serious opposition to his policies. Our President believes that what he is doing is ultimately for everyone’s own good, whether they understand that or not, so better not to tell the people what’s really going on. Of course this is all appears to be duplicitous to the point of irrationality, but we must keep in mind that President Obama’s priority is to transform America into a socialist state ruled by one party (the Democrat Party), so he’s sees these foreign affairs as mostly an unwelcome distraction. As the article states, what our President DOES want to accomplish in foreign affairs is to undo all of America’s “meddling” in other countries’ affairs, particularly in the Middle East. The long term consequences of President Obama’s actions is that the other nations of the world will come to believe that the USA has lost its nerve and become “harmless as an enemy and treacherous as a friend’. That is to say our enemies abroad will no longer fear us and our friends will no longer trust us. Besides that we’re broke and everyone knows it.
“Leftists think that utopia can be coerced into existence -- so no dishonesty or brutality is beyond them in pursuit of that "noble" goal.” John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.) Brisbane, Australia, Dissecting Leftism BlogSpot.  

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Friday, August 29, 2014

White House scrambles to 'clarify' Obama's 'no strategy' remark

Well the Obama Administration DOES understand that they need to PRETEND to care about what happens in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Ukraine et al, even though they have no intention of taking any meaningful action, in order to maintain a modicum of world stability.

“Pray tell, how can you have a "comprehensive strategy" when the most important element of that strategy - military action - is missing? “

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18 Signs That The Obama Administration Is Openly Hostile To The Military

Obama under fire for admitting no 'strategy yet' for ISIS in Syria

Actually it would probably astonish and terrify people to learn how little our President really cares about what happens in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He doesn't believe America has any right or interest to be in any of those countries in the first place. So what happens there happens as far as he is concerned. Things will eventually work out by themselves according to his view of history. And besides, there are oceans between the
USA and ISIS so how will they figure out how to get at us? Libya and Ukraine are also places we have no business getting involved in either in his estimation. Continuing the transformation of the USA occupies a much higher priority for President Obama than any foreign policy issue (save for disarmament), no matter how threatening to peace and stability they might appear to be to the rest of us. Naturally it is much more comforting for people to imagine that President Obama  is "in over his head" and therefore might eventually be persuaded to take more appropriate action (as even Jimmy Carter was after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan) than to believe that our President has made up his mind on the matter and doesn't intend to get involved in any meaningful way.
"President Obama is facing intense criticism for admitting Thursday "we don't have a strategy yet" for dealing with Islamic State militants in Syria, despite warnings from top military advisers and others that the group must be confronted on that side of the border."
"The president made the comment during a briefing with reporters in which he overtly played down the prospect of any imminent military action in Syria. He tried to temper speculation that he was about to roll out a "full scale" strategy, one that might expand the current, limited airstrike campaign in northern Iraq."
"I don't want to put the cart before the horse. We don't have a strategy yet," Obama said."

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Feds jail NC ginseng poacher as wild plants face risk

FYI Wisconsin is the top ginseng exporter in the USA; 38 million dollars’ worth in 2013.

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Obama cautions against using force to solve crises

"WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama, faced with deepening crises in the
Middle East and Ukraine, is putting the brakes on the notion that American
military power can solve either conflict.

While that stance is in keeping with Obama's long-standing aversion to
military entanglements, it comes at a time when the effectiveness of his
preferred options is being challenged and there are indications that some in
the administration are ready to take more robust actions."

KILLING F TROOP: House Rep Sensenbrener Moves To Disband ATF

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has long been viewed as the "red-headed stepchild" of federal law enforcement, and now a veteran member U.S. House is attempting to disband the corrupt and unaccountable rogue agency.

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Obama Fails History 101-He believes history follows some predetermined course

FYI: Many of the American Left’s favorite philosophers , particularly Hagel and Marx, taught that history follows a predestined course. Particularly that capitalism was destined to become extinct and be replaced by socialism and eventually “true communism”, where money won’t be needed and the government will “wither away” because it too will  no longer be needed. Likewise, President Obama, being a Marxist revolutionary himself, believes in this “inevitability” of history as well. Being a Marxist he believes in many things that aren’t true and have never been made to work anywhere. Nevertheless, like all other American Leftists he believes that the only reason communism hasn’t worked is because the “right people” haven’t tried it yet. The Russians tried it, but they were just too backwards and bumbling to make a go of it, bless their hearts. So now it’s up to the American Left to give it a try. They are the people they have been waiting for.

As VDH points out President Obama is also sloppy on the details of history. But that doesn’t matter, because since most Americans today know so little about their own history, he knows he can tell them anything he wants and they’ll have to believe it.

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Obama crafts legal rationale for immigration steps

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House is crafting a blame-it-on-Congress legaljustification to back up President Barack Obama's impending executiveactions on immigration.
Facing an expected onslaught of opposition, the administration plans toargue that Congress failed to provide enough resources to fully enforce U.S.laws, thereby ceding wide latitude to White House to prioritize deportationsof the 11.5 million people who are in the country illegally, administrationofficials and legal experts said. But Republicans, too, are exploring theirlegal options for stopping Obama from what they've deemed egregiouspresidential overreaching."

Obama confesses: "We don't have a strategy yet' for dealing with Islamic State"

Well no need to rush into anything. It's not like they're a threat or

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Obama Agenda Never Goes on Vacation

I’m certain Rush is right. Our President may appear detached and uninterested, but the reality is that he simply doesn’t feel he has to explain himself to anybody any longer. Not to Congress, the People or the Press. That is why he seldom holds press conferences any longer.  Nor does he feel he needs to persuade anyone or gain anyone’s cooperation in order to advance his agenda at this point.  He is simply going to do what he wants until his term in office expires. His loyal minions are firmly in position in the government to carry out his wishes. They already know what to do, so he doesn’t even have to meet with them and give them instructions. He can just go on vacation and play golf and everything will still happen according to plan. 
“And I told everybody, he's not checked out. He isn't bored. He's not lazy, and he doesn't not care.  This is a structured, calculated political stratagem to appear detached, to appear as though he's not engaged, so as to lull everybody into a false sense of belief that nothing's happening, so as to lull everybody into this -- almost like a safe zone, that Obama's given up. He doesn't even try anymore. It's so bad, Obama knows he can't get anything done anymore, he doesn't care. “ 
“...Obama may go on vacation, ladies and gentlemen.  The Obama agenda never, ever goes on vacation.  The Obama agenda never, ever slows down.  The Obama agenda doesn't even have very much in its way.“ 

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Two rowdy women charged after Cuba-bound plane returns to Toronto

"A Sunwing flight bound for Cuba was turned back to Toronto due to "two unruly female passengers," the airline says. The Varadero-bound plane, which departed Toronto at  4:30 p.m. was escorted back to Canada by CF-18s."

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NATO Satellite Photo Evidence Russia Lying About Ukraine

It begins.

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Instapundit on Militarized Police

"The problem then is that the militarization of the police is only a symptom
of the larger disease:  public servants re-conceiving themselves as public
masters who do not need to follow the laws they pass and aren't accountable
to the people who elect them. I guess we can expect to see Nancy Pelosi in a
SWAT suit right soon!"

CO: Woman has Gunfight with Intruders who Steal her SUV

FL: Legaly Blind, Homeowner Shoots Intruder who Cut Power

89-Year-Old Wins Gunfight with Career Criminal

Buffalo County woman stops home invasion by firing on suspects

The dependency state grows to 175 million

Don't think the government is ubiquitous? Consider the following data
published by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don Pardo, iconic TV announcer, dies at 96

I always liked the Saturday Night Live skit from back in the '70's in which Airline Hijackers insisted that Don Pardo read their list of demands..."the Hijackers will be flown to their final destination by Delta Airlines, Airline of the Stars.......

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunday, August 17, 2014


29 Shot in Spate of Weekend Chicago Violence

Five people have been killed and at least 24 others wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago.

Police said a 16-year-old boy was found with a gunshot wound to the head around 1:15 a.m. Sunday in the city's Humboldt Park neighborhood.

The Presidency is Breaking Obama Even As Obama Has Broken the Nation

One of the nation’s best radio talk show hosts, Hugh Hewitt, interviewed Joe Scarborough, the host of one of the best political shows on television. According to Mr. Scarborough
This is a president that does go out of his way to show that he’s not paying attention to what anybody says. He’s going to do exactly what he wants to do, and he’s going to be stubborn about it. He is politically, he is either politically tone deaf or he just doesn’t give a damn. And I tend to believe based on everything I’ve heard from people who work inside the White House, and we’ve got a lot of friends there, and based on my friends who are senior Democratic senators, this president has checked out… He wants to be the next, I hear it time and time again from his close political allies. This man wants to be an ex-president.
So the president — with crises breaking out across the globe, the economy still staggering, and unrest and despair in America rising — seems to have grown bored with the job. This is on one level an astonishing thing; on the other, it has the ring of truth. I say that in part because Mr. Scarborough is speaking to Democrats, not simply Republicans, on this matter. His sources are excellent. Yet one also sees Obama’s indifference in how he conducts himself, as well asstories leaked by the White House about his “restlessness.”
What could possibility explain this attitude? It may be that Mr. Obama was drawn to the job not for the right reasons but because he viewed the presidency as a new mountain to climb, a prize to win, as a way to feed his unusually large ego (even for a politician). It may also be that Mr. Obama, with his presidency crumbling, is like a petulant child who wants to pick up his marbles and leave. He was fine serving as president when he was adored and well liked; now that things are going south he appears to have emotionally “checked out,” to use Scarborough’s phrase.
The problem with this is that Mr. Obama is disengaging (a) after having done extraordinary damage to America and (b) at a moment when the world is convulsing because of the void left by Obama’s (and therefore America’s) diffidence and passivity. An increasingly insouciant commander-in-chief is not what’s needed at this particular time, given the multiplying threats and increasing disorder in the world.
It’s very much beginning to look at if Barack Obama saw the presidency as primarily a way to satisfy his narcissism. What’s happened instead is the presidency is breaking him, even as he is breaking the nation.

Surveillance Video: Michael Brown Caught On Tape Robbing Store (Plus Other Pictures)

Ukraine says troops entered rebel-held city

"KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - Army troops have penetrated deep inside arebel-controlled city in eastern Ukraine in what could prove a breakthroughdevelopment in the four-month-long conflict, the Ukrainian government saidSunday.
However, the military acknowledged that another one of its fighter planeswas shot down by the separatists, who have been bullish about their abilityto continue the battle and have bragged about receiving support from Russia.An Associated Press reporter spotted a column of several dozen heavyvehicles, including tanks and at least one rocket launcher, rolling throughrebel-held territory on Sunday.
Ukraine's national security council said government forces captured adistrict police station in Luhansk on Saturday after bitter clashes in theVelika Vergunka neighborhood."

By Epictetus

A Witness Conversation Unknowingly Captured at the Scene of the Ferguson Shooting is a Game-Changer

A corroborating eye-witness account that Michael Brown turned and charged the policeman who was pursuing him after the policeman shouted at him to "freeze". Kind of discredits the "he had his hands up when he was
shot" narrative. Couple this with the store security video showing Brown perpetrating a strong arm robbery of a 49 dollar box of cigars and shoving aside the store clerk who tried to stop him and one gets a very different
picture from the "gentle giant" story.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bump while on phone leads to stabbing in heart Toronto Cops say

Street crime in Canada.

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Biden Goes on 3rd Vacation This Month. No One Notices

"Is Joe Biden technically ever not on vacation? His administration dutiesconsist of visiting places Obama doesn't want to go. Occasionally he'sdragged out to deliver a speech attacking Republicans over green jobs orbirth control. Or green birth control."
"And then he goes back on vacation..."

...Poor Joe. He's just a working class joe. Who takes three vacations a month. Like the rest of us."

Actually the more time our President and Vice-President spend on vacation the better off we all are.

By Epictetus

Obama's one achievement - outgolfing Tiger Woods

"As Barack "Eldrick" Obama approaches his 200th round of golf since hiselection as president, here's a fact to put that into perspective: SinceJanuary 2009, Tiger Woods has played 269 rounds of golf.
And Tiger, beleaguered by injury, is almost certainly done for the year. Sothat means the president, if he keeps up with his pace of play during his15-day vacation in Martha's Vineyard (a round a day) and his normal weeklyround, will pass Tiger sometime next spring.
Think about that for a minute. The president of the U.S., juggling theAmerican economy and the entire world's problems - Iraq is in full meltdown,the Middle East is a powder keg, Russia is moving on Ukraine - has playedgolf nearly as much as a guy whose day job is playing golf."

Massachusetts governor signs law tightening state gun rules

Of course the police in Boston are going to decide that people living in the city don't need to own rifle and shotguns. What?...Are you going to go hunting on Boston Commons? In fact they have already expressed this sentiment:

By Epictetus

Robin Williams' rep knocks down reports of money troubles

This just makes his suicide all the more incomprehensible. Well the medical
community always did say that Clinical Depression, a mood disorder, is the
leading cause of suicide. Which means to say there frequently is no rational
reason for it. So I guess being rich, famous and loved by all just became
too much of a burden to bear.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sheriff David Clarke Defeats Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Money, Wins Milwaukee County Primary

You can tell the Good Guy...he wears the white hat.

By Epictetus

Meet the New Squeegee Men-de Blasio's New York is coming unwound

Looks like the aggressive beggars and petty street extortionists who were the bane of everyone’s existence in New York City back in the ‘70’s,  ‘80’s and early ‘90’s are coming back again.

By Epictetus

SecDef Hagel: 130-member team to assess Iraq's 'squandered opportunity'

So it looks like we're going to give the Iraqi government more advice that they won't follow. Heck, the Iraqi's don't want advice, they want "Mr. Reese" show up and kick ass, to rescue them from the mess they got themselves into. They didn't realize that President Obama is a different kind of president, one who doesn't feel obligated to keep promises made by past administrations. Promises to have the Iraqis' back. Promises he feels should not have been made in the first place. He's no "Harold Finch" for certain.

By Epictetus

Robin Williams 'very drawn and thin' day before he hanged himself

Well there you was divorce that drove him to suicide...there ought
to be a law against it.

By Epictetus

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Python caught in Florida is chief suspect in mystery of missing cats

All pythons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of
law...whatcha gonna do when they come for you?...

By Epictetus

U.S. could announce more troops to Iraq

Back to Iraq for the last time again. Operation Token Effort expands.

By Epictetus

Why Doesn't the Democratic Party Have a Problem With Chris Moews' Special Interest Money?

The Democrat Party position on "special interest money" is similar to former
Chinese Communist ruler Mao Ze Dong's position on war: "All
counter-revolutionary wars are unjust, all revolutionary wars are just."

So by the same token to the Democrats all money that supports Democrat
candidates is good and all money the supports Republican Candidates is bad
and must be done away with.

"We shall support whatever the enemy opposes and oppose whatever the enemy
supports." Mao Ze Dong.

"Leftists think that utopia can be coerced into existence -- so no
dishonesty or brutality is beyond them in pursuit of that "noble" goal"

John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.) Brisbane, Australia, Dissecting Leftism BlogSpot

By Epictetus

The US says it finally busted the gang behind the most convincing counterfeit dollars in the world

Keep in mind that in spite of this development counterfeiting was much worse
in times past. For example, it is estimated that in 1860 half the currency
in circulation in the USA was counterfeit. That's why the Treasury
Department found it necessary to create the Secret Service.

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Ban Flights From West Africa To Fight Ebola -lunch-alert/?utm_source=dmreports&utm_medium=dmreports&utm_campaign=dmreports

It will never happen though because it makes too much sense. A central tenant of Political Correctness is that you can never do anything to directly protect America's interests. It would be considered "imperialistic" for our government to promote the safety  and survival of American citizens and institutions over  those of other countries or peoples. Therefore America must be left exposed to terrorist attack, financial loss and disease epidemic. The only exceptions are during elections, when elected leaders must pretend to pander to the concerns and values of the common people (who for some reason refuse to accept their punishment and expect the government to protect the country and its citizens from dangerous foreign incursions of any and every sort) and when making an exaggerated show of protecting the country will actually serve to further harm its interests and to vex and inconvenience its citizens.

By Epictetus

Iraq mission puts USS George H.W. Bush 'at tip of the spear'

It's Bush's fault.

By Epictetus

Vatican to Muslim Leaders: Condemn 'Barbaric' Islamic State or Lose All Credibility

Pope Francis is right: if the mainstream Muslim leaders do not denounce the
persecution of Christians and other non-Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere they
will lose their credibility. Meaning that people should no longer imagine
that even mainstream "moderate" Muslims anywhere do not support Islamist
Terrorism or can be trusted to bargain in good faith. Have the scales
dropped from the Pope's eyes?

It's a pleasant  surprise that the Pope/Vatican would make such a statement
condemning the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries. It has been
evident in recent years that the leadership of the major Christian churches
have been motivated by secular Politically Correct concerns and values at
least much as by Christian doctrine and values. Thus Christians were always
regarded as the imperialist oppressors and Muslims as the oppressed, so it
was un-PC to ever take the part of Christians over Muslims lest you be
denounced as racist and imperialist.

"Forgive your enemies, but never forget who they are."

                                 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

By Epictetus

After Family Asks for Privacy Following Death of Robin Williams, ABC News Bannered This on Their Website

Well obviously ABC thought the request for privacy applied only to the Fans.
The News Media on the other hand has  right to know, everything. They
especially want to know if he went out like David Carradine, since the cause
of death was vaguely described by the authorities as "asphyxia". Did the
family imagine that Robin Williams would be treated differently because he
was a Liberal? Apparently they did.

By Epictetus

Army unveils new PT uniforms

And you thought Starfleet Command went through a lot of uniform changes.

The Army has unveiled sweeping changes to its physical fitness uniform.

That includes: swapping the iconic black-on-gray "Army" T-shirt with a
gold-on-black version to match Army colors; the use of lighter,
moisture-wicking fabrics; and a better fit for men and women.

"It is a new icon," said Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler, the
service's top enlisted official

Navy removes Bibles from guest rooms

James O'Keefe as Osama bin Laden crosses border from Mexico to US

The Country of the Blind

"I think that the country could survive four more years of Obama. But I don't believe the country can survive in a country full of people who would re-elect him." 
-Rush Limbaugh

"In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."
-Attributed toErasmus.

"No, I don't think Obama can be held wholly responsible for the nightmare darkness descending on the world in the absence of American leadership. He won the election fair and square. But he won it in the country of the blind."
-Andrew Klavan