Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another Rotherham Uncovered

Police in Telford have been accused of ignoring child sex abuse after it emerged volunteers have been passing evidence of grooming to them for three years.
Officers have been criticised for failing to make progress on sex gangs in the town, dubbed the “child sex capital of Britain”, while sitting on 150 pages of abuse allegations.
One victim who was forced to have sex with a string of men told The Mirror: “The police have betrayed the children of this town for a second time.
In r-selection, you avoid conflict. Those who avoid conflict the best, rise the highest. Here you have police leaders who are so conflict averse, they have no care if young girls are sexually molested by pedophiles.
I would love to get on my high horse, and say Britain is awful, but in America we have our own example where authorities actually imported this filth and let it run wild. If I am honest, I have to admit that even though I know intellectually, from a moral standpoint, I should be heading in that direction armed and willing to fight, like everyone else I am just not in that cognitive mode. I am still somewhat r, like everyone else. Once things shift K, I expect we will all shift, but once that happens leaders will act K too, removing the drive to act out.
r-selection, and the amygdala atrophy it engenders, is the source of evil. In a way, the story of Adam and Eve is almost r-selection in a nutshell. They had a perfect world, and no amygdala as a result. Without an amygdala-function, they had no cognitive force to make them realize that evil needs to produce cognitive agony to drive a relentless struggle against it, regardless of the personal consequences. It is almost as if man’s flaw is a sinful nature that arises as a result of no amygdala training and strengthening.
Just like Adam and Eve, as a people, we need to endure awful consequences to have any chance of hoping to be good.

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