Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Can Migrants Be Racist?

Professor of Ethics Ann Heberlein has argued that blonde people in Sweden are subjected to racist abuse and violence from “people with a non-European appearance”.
Ms. Heberlein, who appears regularly on Swedish Radio’s “Thoughts for the Day” and “Philosophical Room”, says blonde and Swedish victims of this racism choose to stay silent because “anti-racist” left wingers say that as a “privileged” group, ethnic Swedes have no right to complain.
The only reason to deny this is because you perceive native Swedes as superior, and you want them taken down a notch. That is also the only reason you import an army of low-IQ ideologues who have a long history of throwing gays from rooftops, genitally mutilating young girls, mistreating those who will not worship their religion, and demanding free resources from all non-believers.
All of leftism is a reproductive strategy for less competitively-capable r-strategists, designed to allow them to try and avert what would be a natural outcome in a society of free competition. As K-selection takes hold in the world and we find that there are not enough resources for everybody to survive, expect the competitively superior to eventually decide that allowing leftists to claim these things out loud is no longer more beneficial to survival and happiness than simply destroying the leftists themselves.
Personally, I am looking forward to that.

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