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Liberals Launch Civil War With Refugees

Assuming her goal is to admit 155,000 refugees each year during a hypothetical first term in office, a Clinton Administration would admit at least 620,000 refugees in just four years – a population roughly the size of Baltimore…
If those levels were sustained over the course of four years – a hypothetical first term in office – the lifetime cost to the taxpayers according to Mr. Rector’s analysis would be $403 billion.
Importantly, Mr. Rector’s numbers reflect an estimate of the net taxpayer cost for admitting a defined number of refugees to the United States. As such, they do not account for aliens granted asylee status in the United States (approximately 25,000 are granted asylee status every year), nor do they account for the fact that refugees will be able to – and do – bring in additional family members after being admitted to the United States. Indeed, if an individual refugee’s spouse or unmarried children were not admitted at the same time as the refugee, they are eligible to “follow-to-join” and be admitted to the United States for two years after the individual refugee’s admission. One year after being admitted to the United States, refugees are eligible to adjust to Lawful Permanent Resident status (i.e. obtain a “green card”), enabling them to petition for additional family members. And assuming that a refugee becomes a Lawful Permanent Resident, he or she is further eligible to naturalize five years after being admitted to the United States, enabling them to bring in additional relatives. Thus, the total cost of admitting a certain number of refugees in any given year could be even higher than Mr. Rector predicts.
Seven refugees with active tuberculosis (TB) were diagnosed shortly after their resettlement in Idaho between 2011 and 2015, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.
This makes Idaho the seventh state to confirm to Breitbart News that recently arrived refugees have been diagnosed with active TB.
It’s not only illegal aliens who are escaping enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws. Under the Obama administration’s expansive interpretation of executive authority, legal immigrants seeking citizenship through the nation’s Naturalization process are now exempt from a key part of the Oath of Allegiance.
Immigrants seeking to become citizens no longer have to pledge to “bear arms on behalf of the United States.” They can opt out of that part of the Oath. Nor do they have to cite any specific religious belief that forbids them to perform military service…
This radical change was announced a year ago, in July of 2015. Congress did not enact the change in new legislation. There was no congressional debate, no filibuster in the US Senate, and no sit-in in the House to demand that a bill to repeal the USCIS action be brought to a vote.
No, this radical change was implemented while Congress slept. Like other Obama actions to undermine our immigration laws, the Republican-controlled Congress has not used its constitutional powers to reverse the administrative action.
What you are seeing is the Second American Civil War, being launched – and fought – right before our very eyes.
The left is actively waging war on America, and the citizens who love her, using a foreign proxy force of outsiders which they have calculated will be as hostile to America and her values as they can find, from rapists, to murderers, to Muslims.This is a calculated effort to destroy the nation, right before our very eyes. If it works, they will destroy America, turning her into some Somalia-lite, and they will never risk a single gun battle.
Liberalism is the unhappy people in a nation trying to make everyone who is happy as miserable as the leftists are – and they are willing to destroy themselves and the nation to do it.
Trump can hold back the tide, but only the Apocalypse can wash these misfits away.

LA City Hall panel backs fining companies for asking applicants about past crimes

One more reason to replace your human workers with robots. When the automation of the workplace occurs in earnest it will probably happen as quickly as the transition from horse drawn transportation to motor vehicles occurred in this country during the first quarter of the 20th Century. In 1900 nobody was riding cars, but 25 years later everyone was using cars.


LA City Hall panel backs fining companies for asking applicants about past crimes

By Dakota Smith, Los Angeles Daily News Posted: |

Businesses that ask a job applicant about his or her criminal history during the hiring process could be fined and forced to pay the applicant up to $500 under a new law being considered by city leaders.
A Los Angeles City Council committee backed a plan Tuesday to penalize businesses that weed out applicants based on criminal convictions.
The rules are part of a law under consideration by the council aimed at giving former convicts a better shot at obtaining employment.
The Ban the Box ordinance, approved in concept last year by the council, bans private employers with 10 or more workers from asking questions related to an applicant’s criminal history before a conditional offer of employment has been made.
Employers also have to strip criminal history questions from job applications under the proposed law. The “box” refers to “check box” indicating a conviction on an application.
Exemptions for employers in the child care or law enforcement industry are allowed under the ordinance.
Los Angeles non-profits, churches, and other groups support the law, contending it will cut jail recidivism rates by helping former convicts land jobs.
Both the state and federal governments have similar rules in place for applicants seeking public sector jobs, while San Francisco has laws that also apply to private companies.
Some Los Angeles business groups, including the Valley Industry and Commerce Association, oppose the proposed Los Angeles law.
Speaking at Tuesday’s Economic Development meeting, VICA representative Alex Davis told the panel that a “citywide mandate about who to hire and how is a bad policy.”
Some council members at Tuesday’s Economic Development meeting expressed concern about the proposed fines, which could total up to $2,000 for multiple violations.
Councilwoman Nury Martinez also worried a proposed reward system for whistle blowers who complain about hiring practices at a company would encourage an environment of “bounty hunters.” John Reamer, director of the Bureau of Contract Administration, said a reward system isn’t just about encouraging employees to speak up.
“The ultimate goal of the penalty system is to work with the employer to change the behavior, so they will see that (job applicant) in a different light,” Reamer said.
Other regulations approved at Tuesday’s meeting require employers to post rules either in the workplace or an employer website about the Ban the Box law. Failure to do so would result in a $500 penalty.
Employers could also be hit with a $500 fine if they don’t cooperate with city investigators following a complaint.
The law, now being written by city attorneys, is expected to be heard before the full City Council later this year.

Cops: Woman, 26, Wielded Hatchet After Her Demands For Sex Were Repeatedly Rebuffed

After her repeated demands to have sex were rebuffed, a Florida woman grabbed a hatchet and began beating on the locked door of the bathroom where her beau had sought
refuge, police report.
According to police, Leslie Mills, 26, returned home early Thursday after a drinking binge and began badgering the victim to “engage in sexual activity with her.” The man--who said he was awoken by the persistent Mills--told cops that he moved from the Ocala home’s bedroom to the couch in a bid to escape her.
However, Mills followed him to the living room, where she climbed atop the victim, “still asking for him to have sex with her,” according to an Ocala Police Department report. After again declining to have sex, the man went into the bathroom and locked the door.
Mills responded, police report, by pounding on the door, which she then successfully pushed open. Upon Mills entering the bathroom, the victim noticed that she was carrying a hatchet that had been removed from a living room wall. The man said that he wrestled the hatchet from Mills’s hands after she raised the weapon and "appeared to be preparing to strike him."
The victim--whose relationship with Mills is unknown--then fled the residence and called 911. Responding officers noted that Mills, who appeared drunk, was “dressed in just a bathrobe” when they encountered her outside the home.
Pictured above, Mills was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, and misdemeanor domestic battery. Free on $5500 bond, Mills is scheduled for a July 26 court hearing.

'Leave' Proved Right: Just Days After Brexit, EU Releases Plan For Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership

The EU globalists and SJWs are doubling down. Not surprising since we know SJWs always double down on their PC folly, even, or especially, when it clearly isn’t working. There will also be a push to get ALL EU members to adopt the Euro as soon as possible. Bet on it.


The European Union (EU) is going through an “existential crisis” that can only be solved through more military integration, Turkish accession and the creation of a “true union”, EU chiefs have said.

In a document on the political union’s foreign policy objectives in light of the UK’s vote to leave, EU officials call for a “stronger Europe” the draws on “the combined weight of a true union”.
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini points out in the foreword that “the European Union currently deploys seventeen military and civilian operations, with thousands of men and women serving under the European flag for peace and security” before calling for further integration.
The document adds that the EU needs “full spectrum defence capabilities”, and although it claims members states will “remain sovereign” in decisions of defence, it goes on to say: “To acquire and maintain many of these capabilities, defence cooperation must become the norm.”
In a strong hint that it plans to create a shared army that can operate alongside but also separately from Nato, it says that while the transatlantic defence organisation “exists to defend its members”, Europeans “must be better equipped, trained and organised to contribute decisively to such collective efforts, as well as to act autonomously as necessary.”
It also calls for a “strong European defence industry” supported by “Union funds” and “multinational cooperation”.
The EU’s military efforts will be bolstered  by a “diplomatic network” that runs “wide and deep in all corners of the globe”, the document adds.
However, in a reminder of one the pet hates of Eurosceptics, the document also contains a good deal of unclear jargon.
At one point, it says: “The EU will be a responsible global stakeholder, but responsibility must be shared and requires investing in our partnerships. Co-responsibility will be our guiding principle in advancing a rules-based global order.”
In terms of Turkish membership, the document is clear that it should happen as soon as possible.
At one point it outlines the EU’s desire to expand further, calling for a “credible accession process” for the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey.
In the meantime, it also calls for greater cooperation with Turkey in the hope that it can bring the country’s Islamist government in line with EU accession criteria, including a restoration of relations with the EU state of Cyprus.  Turkish citizens should also have easier visa access to the EU, it says.
“The EU will therefore pursue the accession process – sticking to strict and fair accession conditionality – while coherently engaging in dialogue on counter-terrorism, regional security and refugees. We will also work on a modernised customs union and visa liberalisation, and cooperate further with Turkey in the fields of education, energy and transport.”
The document is further evidence that EU leaders are trying to rush integration after the Brexit vote, in a bid to prevent other member states seceding.
Earlier this week, the Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elmar Brok, called for the creation of an EU army, telling German paper Die Welt“We need a common (military) headquarters and a coalition (of EU countries) acting in accordance with the permanent structural cooperation of the EU Treaty. From such a group an EU army could eventually arise.”
The plans may come up against opposition from ordinary voters, however.
Earlier this year, a Pew poll showed that the vast majority of EU citizens were reluctant to increase defence spending. Of all 28 EU member states, only Poles and the Dutch favoured an increase.

GUN WATCH: ME: Two Armed WalMart Shoppers Stop NY Drug Deal Shootout

A drug deal was going down in a WalMart parking lot.  Some of the participants were not happy with the deal.  They could not use the criminal justice system, so they used guns.  Shots were exchanged between occupants of two cars in the lot.  The WalMart parking lot was not in New York or New Jersey.  This WalMart was in Augusta, Maine, and in Maine, responsible and honest people can legally carry guns.  Two honest and responsible gun carriers stopped the shooting.
The shooting in the Maine WalMart was between New York residents, and it involved Heroin.  The four parties arrested were named in an article by  There was no mention of the responsibly armed people who stopped the shoot out and defused the situation.  The suspected drug deal and shootout participants were:

Kwiesha "Reggie" McBride of Harlem, New York. Charged with Reckless Conduct with a firearm

Frankie Dejesus of Rochester, N.Y.  Charged with Aggravated Assault

Diana Davis of Rochester, N.Y. Charged with Aggravated assault

Samantha Tupper is the blond local woman from Augusta, ME.  She is charged with a probation violation.

Media competition is keen in these days of new media and the internet. If one outlet does not cover an interesting angle, another will.  Some time you have to look at several sources to find out things left out of the picture in others. From
AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Augusta Police say two bystanders, legally armed with handguns, stepped in during a shooting incident at a Walmart in Augusta.

Police say four suspects were taken into custody by police Sunday after allegedly firing gunshots in the parking lot of a Walmart.

The suspects involved were sitting in vehicles parked next to each other when the altercation arose. The occupants of one vehicle fired at the occupants of the other, which resulted in return gunfire.

When the shooting stopped, police said one suspect exited their vehicle to confront the occupants of the other. This is when two bystanders, who were legally carrying, interfered and stopped the incident, police said.
More details are reported by a local television station. Note that when one responsible and armed person stepped up, another backed him up.   From
“Two vehicles that had appeared were parked next to each other. The occupants inside exchanged gunfire and then there was an altercation after that between the occupants in the parking lot,” said Lt. Christopher Massey with Augusta PD.

During the altercation, customer Daniel Chavanne, who was about to leave with his wife and kids, took matters into his own hands. We’re told Chavanne, a licensed concealed carrier, drew his firearm and diffused the situation. Then another armed shopper came to Chavanne’s aid.

“If they hadn’t stepped in, somebody would have been hurt, severely hurt. You know one of my kids could have got shot,” said Chavanne’s wife, Carrie.
While Dan Chavanne may have a concealed carry license now, he started as an open carrier at the age of 18. In Maine, when Chavanne was 18, he could legally open carry, but could not obtain a concealed carry permit. From
"The way the fight was going, I have no doubt if myself and the other person didn't intervene there would have been at least one body there," Dan Chavanne said.

Dan says he's open carried since he was 18, because of situations like this.

"If you've got the background, the experience and the training there's no reason not to carry," Dan Chavanne said.
The Chavannes said that the criminals were really bad shots.

 Link to video Here

Chavvane's personal defensive handgun was a subcompact Glock, likely a Model 43 or 42.

The other good Samaritan did not have their name released.  There is no mention of whether or not they had a concealed carry permit.  Maine became a permitless or "Constitutional" carry state in October of 2015. This makes the likelihood of an honest, responsible person legally carrying a defensive firearm much higher.  That makes Maine more dangerous for criminals.

It is a reality that the suspected heroin dealers learned to their discomfort.  It may have saved one or more of their lives.

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10,000 migrants cross from North Africa to Italy in 4 DAYS

More than 10,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy in just four days as the EU fails to provide a deterrent by sending back those found not to be genuine refugees.

10,000 migrants cross from North Africa to Italy in just FOUR DAYS as it is revealed less than 6% of those ordered to return home last year actually went back 

By John Stevens For Mailonline
  • More than 10,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean to Italy in four days
  • EU leaders given figures showing 6% ordered to leave actually went back
  • More than 66,000 migrants have arrived in Italy since the start of 2016
More than 10,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy in just four days as the European Union fails to provide a deterrent by sending back those found not to be genuine refugees.
EU leaders will today be presented with figures that show as few as six per cent of those told go back home to Africa last year actually left.
Calm seas have led to a surge in the number of people departing from the North African coast in overcrowded boats heading for Europe.
The Italian coastguard said 3,324 migrants were rescued off Libya on Sunday, bringing to more than 10,000 the total saved since Thursday.
The migrants were picked up from 25 rubber dinghies and one wooden boat that were all less than 35 miles from the Libyan coast.
Coastguard and naval vessels transferred them to southern Italian ports. The latest rescues push to more than 66,000 the number of mostly African migrants to arrive in Italy since the start of 2016, according to figures compiled by the UN refugee agency.
At a summit in Brussels this afternoon, leaders will be told they need to 'speed up and increase' returns of economic migrants in order to deter even more from coming.
They will be shown official figures that show only a small proportion of rejected migrants last year actually ended up leaving the EU.
Among the top 10 nationalities of arrivals into Italy, more than 55,000 migrants were told to go back, but only 10,440 or 19 per cent, were returned, the data from the EU’s official statistics agency Eurostat shows. 
Only six per cent of those from Guinea went back, seven per cent from Sudan, eight per cent from Eritrea, 11 per cent from Mali, and 12 per cent from Somalia.
The criticism comes after the EU's border agency chief admitted its search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean has encouraged thousands of migrants to attempt to get to Europe.
Frontex director Klaus Roesler said the naval mission that picks up migrants off the North African coast and ferries them for the rest of the journey to Italy had 'triggered departures'.
He forecast 10,000 people would make the crossing every week for the rest of this year leading to a total of around 300,000.
EU foreign ministers have agreed to extend Operation Sophia until at least July next year and to expand its remit to helping train Libyan coastguards.
The mission has been accused by critics of descending into a ferry service that has turned the route into a 'magnet for migrants'
Smugglers are setting off from the North African coast in boats with only enough fuel to get them into international waters.
After reaching the high seas they telephone rescuers asking for help knowing they ‎will be picked up by EU ships that take them the rest of the journey to Italy.
A cross-party Lords report last month warned that the search-and-rescue operation acts as a 'magnet to migrants and eases the task of smugglers, who would only need their vessels to reach the high seas'.
'The mission does any meaningful way deter the flow of migrants, disrupt the smugglers' networks, or impede the business of people smuggling on the central Mediterranean route,' it said.
'There are also significant limits to the intelligence that can be collected about onshore smuggling networks from the high seas. There is therefore little prospect of Operation Sophia overturning the business model of people smuggling.'
Earlier this month the Libyan coastguard said the EU was enticing migrants to their deaths off its shores.
Besides rescuing migrants from smugglers' boats, naval vessels in the Mediterranean are also recovering bodies from past shipwrecks on the bottom of the Mediterranean.
The Italian navy yesterday brought six migrants' bodies to Sicily that were found near the collapsed wreck of a boat that sank on 5 August 2015.
When that shipwreck happened, an Irish naval vessel took on 373 survivors and 26 bodies that were immediately recovered.
Prosecutors had asked the Italian navy to try to locate the sunken wreck and retrieve any more bodies.

Want a Gun-Free Zone? Tennessee Says That's on You: LITERALLY

  Think about it. In those states where concealed carry weapon (CCW) permits are issued at the discretion of the police, like New York, to obtain a CCW permit you must convince said police officials that you are in unusual danger of attack and therefore need to go armed at least as much as a police officer does. So by that logic you should be allowed to carry a gun everywhere a police office is allowed to carry a gun, lest the person or persons threatening your life specifically target you when you enter a known gun free zone. As we know attackers will do. Therefore there should be no gun free zones for people possessing a valid CCW permit. Or else the person or persons establishing the gun free zone should bear the responsibility for your safety whenever you enter his property.


Can you imagine? Holding gun-free zone property accountable for injuries people sustained by being disarmed and left defenseless? Groundbreaking.

Heading into law this Friday is Tennessee’s Senate Bill 1736, which will put into action something gun owners have been encouraging for years.
As of July 1, if a handgun carry permit holder in Tennessee is injured, suffers bodily injury or death, incurs economic loss or expense, property damage or any other compensable loss on a property posted as a gun-free zone, they can sue the person or entity who stripped them of their right to self defense.
In layman’s terms, any permit holder injured as a result of being stripped of their right to self defense, and their handgun, in a posted gun-free zone can file a lawsuit within two years of the event as long as they meet the following requirements:
  • were authorized to carry a gun at the time of the incident
  • prohibited from carrying a firearm because of a gun-free sign
  • the property owner was not required to be posted by state or federal law and posted by choice
Can you imagine? Holding gun-free zone property accountable for injuries people sustained by being disarmed and left defenseless? Groundbreaking.
Think this legislation belongs in your state? Call your representative today, then get your friends and community involved as well. If it has to start with one person, why shouldn’t it be you?

World's first 'robot lawyer' overturns 160,000 parking tickets

Looks like its not just the fast food handlers and taxi drivers whose jobs are threatened by automation.

The free chatbot has saved users an estimated £2.9 million in just 21 months

A free online chatbot laywer has managed to overturn a staggering 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York City, saving users an estimated £2.9 million.
The artificial intelligence bot was launched just 21 months ago and is touted as the "world's first robot lawyer".
DoNotPay uses a simple chat-based interface to guide users through a range of basic questions to establish if an appeal on their parking ticket is possible.
These include queries on whether there were any visible parking signs at the location where the ticket was given.
The AI lawyer then guides the user through the lengthy appeals process.
The chatbot is the brainchild of 19-year-old British student and self-taught coder Joshua Browder.
He created the DoNotPay website by scanning thousands of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, under the guidance of a traffic lawyer.
The Stanford University student's site has won an impressive 160,000 of the 250,000 cases that it has taken on so far.
“I think the people getting parking tickets are the most vulnerable in society. These people aren’t looking to break the law. I think they’re being exploited as a revenue source by the local government,” Browder told VentureBeat .
Browder tweeted an email he received from a happy customer who successfully contested a parking ticket from Bromley council.
After launching successfully in London and New York, the service is due to land in Seattle next.
While the system has so far only been used to contest parking fines, Browder hopes to adapt it in future for a number of altruistic uses.
In future he intends to use the AI to assist people claiming flight delay compensation, help HIV Positive people to understand their rights, and provide support for refugees struggling to navigate foreign legal systems.

Scary Families
photo credit: Bigstock
Aziz Ansari
Impish comedian Aziz Ansari just penned an essay for The New York Times to complain about how scared Trump makes him and his Muslim family. Only a few short weeks after the attacks we are lamenting the incredible danger Muslims are in and worrying about how a candidate’s idea may affect people if it becomes law and is then put into a time machine and sent back to when they immigrated here. How’s that for Islamophobiaphobia? His parents come from India where Muslimsslaughtered millions of Hindus despite being rewarded their own country. Many fled to America where they quickly became the most successful people in the nation. With a median income of $101,591, they are above Taiwanese, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, and finally white Americans, who come in at a mere 16th place after Nigerian-Americans. Hasan Minhaj is another Indian Muslim who keeps getting affirmative-action handouts because we feel so terrible for his people. We are so scared of being racist we are refusing to acknowledge they are kicking our asses. 60 Minutes just did a feature on corruption on Wall Street and didn’t even notice that every single person in their story was Indian (or East Asian). Sorry, but you can’t waltz into a country, dominate them financially, and then complain about how “dangerous” it is. As Coulter points out when confronting wealthy Mexican students, blacks have a history that includes slavery. You just got here. You can’t indulge in the American dream while whining about how scary it is. That’s the textbook definition of privilege.
“We are so scared of being racist we are refusing to acknowledge they are kicking our asses.”
Aziz dragged out all the emotional tropes that pass for facts these days: Only a tiny minority of Muslims are terrorists. Moderate Muslims don’t tolerate it. There were no Muslim celebrations on 9/11, etc., etc. Why is it every time a bad Muslim murders people, we start worrying about good Muslims’ feelings? Shapiro and Crowder already did a great job of refuting the extremist-minority myth. When calculating those numbers, you discover that an alarming number of “moderates” think “suicide bombing is sometimes or often justified.” With young American Muslims, it’s one in four. On CNN’s Why They Hate Us Saturday night, I saw Fareed Zakaria argue that animosity from extremist Islam comes from the fact that we don’t assume our Bangladeshi cabdriver is a terrorist even though he’s Muslim. Actually, Fareed, their hatred comes from the part of the Koran that explicitly says, “Hate Us.” I have spoken to cops who saw Muslims celebrating during 9/11 (with my own eyes I saw Puerto Ricans screaming, “Bomb that shit, nigga” as the towers fell, but that’s another story). Jesse Hughes told me he saw Muslims dancing in the street during the Bataclan shootings. Are we really still trying to pretend a wildly disproportionate number of Muslims don’t tolerate jihad?
Ansari goes on to discuss all the horrible mass shootings we’ve had recently and points out how white the shooters are, arguing we should be just as wary of whites. This is in a country that is 75% white. Nice logic. It’s the kind of reasoning you can get away with when emotional voters dominate elections. I’m reminded of proud spinster Rebecca Traister on Bill Maher bragging that single women were responsible for getting Obama into office. Liberals love focusing on mass shootings because the perpetrators are white males, but the numbers behind this illusion don’t even come close to backing it up. As John Lott recently discovered, France suffered more casualties from Muslims in one year than America has from all mass shootings over Obama’s entire presidency (532 to 396). We’ve had an average of 50 casualties a year from mass shootings. It’s hard to find something else with numbers that low. Texting while driving kills about 1,000 a year. A surprising number of fatal dangers seem to hover around 30–40,000. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, and gang-related shootings are all in that zone. Unfortunately for the narrative, gang shootings are black-on-black crime and they’re done with illegal handguns. Here in New York, I’d go straight to jail if I brought even my musket into the city, but we’re still at a murder a day. So politicians sit on the House floor like spoiled brats and pretend automatic-weapons bans will save lives even though we tried that and they didn’t. It doesn’t make any sense but it looks good and that’s all a virtue signal requires.
We don’t have a Muslim problem in America, yet. However, we’ve seen what happened in Britain, and judging by the Brexit results, so have they. To ignore the fact that the West is the best is to create a vacuum that enables other, more primitive cultures to come in and replace us. We don’t want that and neither do they, ultimately. That’s why they came here in the first place! Indian Muslims are the last people who should be telling us how to live. The Ansaris come from Tamil Nadu where honor killings are rampant. The Orlando shooter’s family is from Afghanistan where pedophilia is a rite of passage. The Minhajes come from Aligarh where gang rapes are commonplace. The Zakarias come from Mumbai where terrorists just murdered 164 people. Trump would be the first president since Reagan to recognize our superiority and refuse to apologize for being a Western chauvinist. We created the modern world, you’re welcome.