Thursday, September 15, 2016

Germany Has Hundreds Of Terrorists In The Country

Interior Minister of Germany Thomas de Maizière told the Bild newspaper in an interview that German security services know 520 potential terrorists and another 360 people who are designated as “known to the police” due to their ties with terrorists and similar dangerous extremist elements.
And yet they are the least of the country’s problems. They may have tens of thousands of genuine terrorists among the one million immigrants who haven’t been vetted just in the last year, traveling beneath the government’s radar. And all of the misery they will create pales compared to the simple criminal acts like rape, murder, and robbery performed by regular immigrants, which will ensue en masse when the apocalypse hits.
On top of that, this will precipitate a massive growth in the surveillance state. If you are a German, prepare to lose your privacy.
And if you are a future German revolutionary, you’d better begin to gain a grasp of the intel game.

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