Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Despite Concussions, Boxing Is Still Required for Military Cadets

It doesn’t matter if our military leaders have the will to fight anymore . Our political leaders lack the will to win a war, so anything our military does will be thrown away.


West Point says the sport instills the courage needed for combat, but some parents and neurologists are calling for alternatives.

Top 5 Most Cringeworthy Gun Shooting Fails


Here are five of the most inexcusable gun fail videos (that thankfully didn't end with fatal consequences):

John Boehner’s Resignation Shows That Cuckservatives Are In Full Retreat

Republicans are more obsessed with avoiding Democratic criticism than conservative ideals

Vox Popoli: A non-nation of non-Americans

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A non-nation of non-Americans

Better hope that trusty Magic Dirt continues to exert its amazing transformational power. The Pew Research Center releases a report on post-1965 immigration to the United States.
Fifty years after passage of the landmark law that rewrote U.S. immigration policy, nearly 59 million immigrants have arrived in the United States, pushing the country’s foreign-born share to a near record 14%. For the past half-century, these modern-era immigrants and their descendants have accounted for just over half the nation’s population growth and have reshaped its racial and ethnic composition.

Looking ahead, new Pew Research Center U.S. population projections show that if current demographic trends continue, future immigrants and their descendants will be an even bigger source of population growth. Between 2015 and 2065, they are projected to account for 88% of the U.S. population increase, or 103 million people, as the nation grows to 441 million.
In other words, the country - one can no longer credibly refer to the USA as a "nation" - will belong to their posterity. Not yours. And it will not be at all surprising if those new "Americans" harbor even less allegiance to the U.S. Constitution than we, our parents, and our grandparents have demonstrated by betraying the very purpose of that document.

That's the problem with "a propositional nation". Changing the population changes the proposition and pretty soon, the "nation" is no more.

I very much doubt those "current demographic trends" will continue. Remember, most of those homogeneous nations originally came out of heterogeneous nations. History has a harsh way of ensuring that the nations remain largely homogeneous, one way or another.

District Attorney on New York's Long Island bans prosecutors from owning guns


The district attorney of one New York county is prohibiting prosecutors from owning a handgun -- a rule some law experts claim is unconstitutional.
The Nassau County District Attorney's Office on New York's Long Island bars its prosecutors from possessing a handgun, even at home, unless a special exception is made by the Acting District Attorney, Madeline Singas, according to an application for employment.
"[A]ssistant district attorneys are not permitted to apply for a handgun permit nor own or possess a handgun while employed by the Nassau County District Attorney. Any exception to this policy must be in writing and approved by the District Attorney," the application states.
Eugene Volokh, a professor at UCLA School of Law, said Monday the policy violates an individual's Second Amendment rights as well as an important New York state statute.
"I'm not arguing they should have extra rights beyond what everyone else has; I'm arguing they should have the same rights."
- Eugene Volokh, UCLA School of Law professor
"Prosecutors often have special reasons they may want to be able to defend themselves," Volokh told FoxNews.com.
"I'm not arguing they should have extra rights beyond what everyone else has; I'm arguing they should have the same rights," Volokh said.
The Nassau County District Attorney's Office did not return requests for comment when contacted Monday. In a statement provided to Volokh, the office said, "Our practice of asking prosecutors to not possess handguns is to ensure the safety and comfort of staff, victims, and witnesses, and is consistent with other district attorney’s offices in the New York City metropolitan area."
Volokh, who first criticized the rule in a Sept. 21 blogpost for Washington Post, explained that the government, acting as employer, has the right to restrict certain employee behaviors, including "off-duty exercise of constitutional rights."
A classic example of what is constitutional is government restriction on political campaign activity by its employees, according to Volokh. Such policies, he explained, require substantial justification showing the practice or activity interferes with government employer operations.
In the case of Nassau County, Volokh said he doesn't believe there is proper justification for prohibiting prosecutors from owning handguns and that the Second Amendment trumps such a policy.
"Handgun possession in the home does not interfere with the prosecutor’s ability to do his or her work," he told FoxNews.com. "The Second Amendment restricts the government’s ability to ban handguns."
Further, Volokh cited a New York state statute that arguably runs at odds with Nassau County's policy when it comes to handgun collectors or individuals who own them for the purpose of target shooting.
According to Volokh, the policy implemented by Nassau County is inconsistent with N.Y. Labor Code § 201-d, under which handgun collection can be considered a "lawful, leisure-time activity, for which the employee receives no compensation and which is generally engaged in for recreational purpose" that is included in the subcategory of "hobbies" and conducted "off of the employer’s premises and without use of the equipment or other property."
The NRA predictably seized on the matter, roundly criticizing the district attorney for putting employees at risk.
"Thanks to Singas' policy, Nassau County prosecutors will be finding themselves especially exposed, should they be forced to confront an aggrieved offender bent on doing them or their innocent family members harm," the NRA said in a statement on its website.
"The policy will also ensure that armed offenders have the upper hand in any such confrontation," the group said.

John Hawkins - 25 Useful Political Rules Of Thumb


"A useful principle having wide application but not intended to be strictly accurate or reliable in every situation." – “A Rule of Thumb” from the Free Dictionary

1) Most people who claim to be “victims” in politics are delighted to have been “victimized” because it allows them to gain money, attention or hurt their enemies.
2) Because Republicans don’t fight for anything, Democrats don’t see a need to compromise on anything.
3) When politicians say they “take responsibility” for what they’ve done, it’s a dodge because they don’t mean they’re willing to accept the penalties they deserve for what they’ve done.
4) Although racism certainly still exists in America, 99% of the time in politics, cries of “racism” are part of a cynical, politically-motivated strategy to hurt a political opponent or achieve a political end.
5) “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.” -- Charles Krauthammer
6) If the mainstream media doesn’t note the Party of someone caught up in the scandal, then that person is a Democrat.
7) If there is a group of people in politics with money to spend in support of an idea, no matter how foolish, stupid or conspiratorial it may be, someone will happily show up to champion their cause as long as the donations, campaign contributions or ad dollars keep flowing.
8) ”I think the problem with (elected Republicans)…is…they don’t like blood in the water. I mean that in a figurative sense. They don’t like shaking things up. They’re afraid to be effective because to be effective is to be hated.” — James O’Keefe (Note: James O’Keefe said that about “the Right,” but I think it’s much more applicable to elected Republicans because there are an awful lot of people on the Right who don’t mind shaking things up).
9) If a policy undermines business or traditions, hurts the military, puts more people on the dole or makes it more difficult for America to function, there will be a significant number of liberals supporting it.
10) If it’s not an emergency and both parties seem willing to work together, either a lot of pork is being doled out or organizations with very deep pockets are pushing for it.
11) Every story is covered fundamentally differently by the mainstream media depending on whether a Democrat or Republican is involved.
12) A conservative will never get an even break from the mainstream media.
13) The government is always slower, less efficient and less customer-friendly than the private sector.
14) Any “emergency legislation” that both parties craft together in response to some disaster will be poorly written, is sure to be harshly criticized down the road and will create a number of serious problems that may be so damaging that Congress would have been better off doing nothing.
15) For 98% of the population, the more government you have in your life, the worse off your life is going to be.
16) Unless they’re in a competitive state or district, politicians are much more scared to cross interest groups than their own voters. That’s because the interest groups have the money and organizational skills to potentially prop up a challenger in a primary while the voters generally choose the devil they know over the devil they don’t unless some interest group convinces them there’s a good reason to do otherwise.
17) The more the government rewards behavior that we don’t want, the more of that behavior we’re going to get.
18) Democrats hide how liberal they are when they run for office in contested races while Republicans claim to be more conservative than the way they’ll govern.
19) Outside of the occasional Republican primary, there is nowhere that any politician is punished for spending too much money. On the other hand, cutting any type of spending buys a politician a whole host of enemies. This is a big part of the reason why we have 18.4 trillion dollars in debt.
20) Because most politicians in D.C. are dishonorable people, only short term deals are meaningful because conditions agreed to over the long haul won’t be honored.
21) "No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems — of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind." – Thomas Sowell
22) When Democrats are in office, they work hard to move the country to the Left as fast as possible. When Republicans are in office, they also typically move the country to the Left, albeit a little slower, in the name of “getting something done.”
23) Whether you’re talking about Republicans or Democrats, those in power become more arrogant, complacent and out-of-touch while those that are out of power become more angry, radical and energized.
24) To paraphrase Voltaire, if you want to find out who REALLY has “privilege” in American politics, take note of which groups you’re not allowed to criticize without being accused of engaging in some kind of “ism.”
25) In dealing with normal human beings, apologies can help. In politics, apologies are treated as admissions that you've transgressed and need to be punished. Therefore, it almost never makes sense to apologize unless you're already sure you're going to get away with whatever you've done.

Lax Americana


Today it is my sad duty to report to you the death of the Pax Americana. This isn't shocking news, as though the Pax had died unexpectedly in a car accident. No, this has been a long and lingering death -- but the end now has come. 

NO hurricanes have hit western Atlantic for the first time since 1914

Sorry Florida no hurricanes this year. Wasn’t “Climate Change” supposed to cause more frequent and more violent hurricanes each and every year hence forth? So what happened? Once again reality kicks the stuffing’s out of Leftist prognostications.


With a rising El Niño, forecasters say that hurricanes are showing unusual patterns. It is the first time there have been no western Atlantic hurricanes through Sept. 22 since 1914.

Cuomo: Must Have Gun Control Across 50 States (Because We Couldn’t Possibly Suspend the Annual West Indian Day Shootout in NYC)

But, of course, no public official should ever even think of cracking down on West Indian American Day, an annual frenzy of Hobbesian gun violence in New York City. White rednecks in Flyover States must give up their guns so New York politicians can feel like they are doing something about black immigrants shooting each other in New York City on West Indian American Day.

How one woman killed James Bond

Why the new James Bond is not James Bond:
New James Bond author Anthony Horowitz admitted his wife was behind the editing out of sexism in the latest novel Trigger Mortis. The writer said that remaining attractive to a modern audience, given the main character's attitude to women, was one of the hardest things to do. Horowitz said his wife went over the first draft and was 'angry' about some of the things he written.

He told the Radio Times: 'My wife Jill Green, who is the producer of Foyle's War, read the first draft and was quite angry about some of the language and some of the words I used and the descriptions.

'And she was right as she always is and I had to cut back and cut back. I had to really bring it back over the line again. Bond's whole attitude to women, although it's part of his character it doesn't really play very well these days.'
Pathetic. And the punch line is the wife. Look at that heinous half-orc. No wonder she hated the portrayal of a handsome man failing to kowtow to beautiful women, unlike her Gamma husband dutifully obeying her.

GUN WATCH: Gun control in Britain

Farmers can have shotguns but that's about it 

The victim

Panicked shoppers dived to the ground after a man was shot dead on a busy London street earlier this afternoon. 
The Met Police arrested a man in his 20s near the scene of the shooting on suspicion of murder and placed him in custody at an east London police station. 
Eyewitnesses saw assailants chasing the victim down Chatsworth Road before they shot him shortly before1.15pm.
He briefly ran into a butchers for help before collapsing into a railing, where armed police and medical workers found him lying in a pool of his own blood, reports claim. 
It is believed that a gang of three men approached the victim who was shot several times. He died at the scene.
A traumatised witness told the Independent how the victim ran for his life before he was gunned down outside the Regal Pharmacy.
He said the man left behind a trail of blood as he stumbled into the butchers shop.
Another witness told the Mirror how passersby ran for safety in a chemist when the heard gunshots which sounded like 'firecrackers'. 
He said: 'There was a man running away outside the shop and then all of a sudden about three other people came running into the shop looking terrified.
'They told us there had been a shooting. I could not believe it as it did not sound like the gunshots you hear in the movies. I then saw one guy with his hood up walking past the shop very quickly' 
A shopkeeper who works at nearby beauty salon Belli Fuori said: 'They [locals] think it's gang-related. I'm not from the area but they say there's a lot of it.'

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Reminder: Why Trump Battles The Fox News Machine...

Interesting analysis. Probably correct I think as well. Of course the ultimate question is can we trust Trump?


Anyone who is viewing the battle between Donald Trump and Fox News as a representative battle of thin-skinned ego is entirely missing the point.

First papal address to Congress reveals religion's deep political roots


He even said, God bless America

Pope Francis' historic first papal address to Congress Thursday underscored the fundamental, if sometimes controversial role of religion in American political life. (Scroll down for video of those remarks.)
So deep is religion embedded that United States currency carries God's name and most political speeches, including the pope's to the country's federally-elected representatives, end with "God bless America."
But what about the religions of presidents? What faiths colored their policies and views of the world, the country, right and wrong?
Barack Obama has declared himself a Christian, like almost all previous chief executives. He has not specified a denomination, although for two decades he said he attended Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ headed by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
Obama's sporadic attendance at Sunday services during his presidency provides little indication of any denominational leaning, and the same with his frequent official statements marking the holidays of diverse religionsfrom Islam to Sikhism.
Although only two percent of Americans claim membership, the most dominant denomination of U.S. presidents is Episcopalian, the North American spin-off of the Anglican Church of England, which Thomas Jefferson attended.
The nation's largest single religious denomination, Roman Catholics at 22%, have provided only two major presidential nominees, both Democrats. One won (John F. Kennedy) in 1960. One lost (Al Smith) in 1928.
George Washington, James Monroe, James Madison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, among others, were all professed Episcopalians. William McKinley, George W. Bush and, at the last minute, James Polk were Methodists.
No Jewish chief executive yet. But the country has had two Dutch Reform presidents -- Martin Van Buren and Theodore Roosevelt.
James Garfield, Lyndon Johnson and Calvin Coolidge were Congregationalists. Warren Harding was the first Baptist president followed by Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
Presbyterian presidents began with Andrew Jackson and included James Buchanan, Benjamin Harrison, Woodrow Wilson and Grover Cleveland, the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. In more modern times, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan were also Presbyterians.
Four presidents were not identified with any particular denomination -- Ulysses Grant, Andrew Johnson, Rutherford Hayes and Abraham Lincoln. Although the sixteenth president's eloquent public remarks routinely referred to the deity, contemporary accounts are conflicting about the religious faith of Lincoln, who was assassinated on Good Friday.
Finally, the United States has had two Quakers as commander-in-chief. Can you guess who they were? Hint: Both served in the 20th century. 

Bye Bye Boehner - DickMorris.com

John Boehner needed resigning.
His leadership has consisted of acting as an intermediary in the ongoing surrender negotiations of the conservatives we elected to Congress and the president we were trying to circumscribe. If Donald Trump wrote a book on the Art of the Deal, Boehner could write one on the Art of the Sellout.
Boehner’s style consisted of advocating a conservative policy, putting it to a vote in the House, passing it, and waiting for the Senate to defeat it. Then, instead of negotiating with the president for half a loaf or working to build common cause with some Democrats for a partial solution, he just caved in and went home.
He never understood that capitulation was not a strategy.
Now, the House has a real chance to elect principled leadership in its chamber. All House Republicans must accept one indisputable fact:
If it were not for the Party’s conservative wing, they would not have the majority.
No matter how annoying are their frequent demands for ideological purity and their highly principled issue positions, the fact remains that for every House committee chair or leader, it is the votes of the conservatives that have enabled their leadership.
So the old formula won’t work anymore. We will not accept electing conservatives only to be sold out by closet liberals.
Do the Democrats refuse to repeal ObamaCare? OK. But how about forcing on-the-record votes in both houses on some specific sub-issues where the Democrats will find it hard, very hard, to vote no like:
• Repealing the medical device tax (which hits a lot of companies in Democratic districts)
• Repealing the Cadillac tax on comprehensive insurance plans, a tax of up to 40% of the premium that will hit most union plans
• Repealing the requirement for comprehensive insurance and specifically saying that people don’t have to buy policies that cover maternity benefits for men, sex change operations, psychological help, addiction therapy…unless they want to.
• Lowering or repealing the fines for not buying insurance.
A creative House floor leader would know how to use amendments to fracture Democratic unity and enlist the instinct of self-preservation of Democrats to win partial victories.
We conservatives often say we want to find a new Reagan for president. Well, for House Speaker, let’s find a new Gingrich.

Lantana home targeted in invasion weeks before shooting


Lantana home targeted in invasion by members of the same gang twice

Sunday, September 27, 2015

How I learned to stop worrying about immigration and love the Bushies

Funny. Good point too. The Republicans should not take advice on how to win elections from Democrats or their willing accomplices in the mainstream Liberal press. Which begs the question of why on earth do they persist in doing so?


I used to really enjoy hearing Donald Trump talk about securing the border and fighting illegal immigration.  But then I learned from Politico that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party, and the only chance the GOP had to win was to elect someone like Jeb Bush:
“Donald Trump in and of himself represents a tremendous setback for anybody who’s trying to expand the party in an inclusive direction,” said Ari Fleischer, a former White House press secretary to George W. Bush.
This warning from a non-partisan source started to open my eyes.  This guy has no axe to grind, no connection to any current candidate, right?
Michael Steele, who served as the first black RNC chairman from 2009 to 2011, said Trump could affect the party’s standing with groups beyond those that are the subjects of his controversial comments, including white women.
He has a good point.  Donald Trump criticized two women, Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina, so I have to think he's probably against all women.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, together with her husband, is almost the patron saint of all women (and girls!) everywhere.
More recently, his insistence that he had no responsibility to correct a questioner at a New Hampshire town hall who insisted President Obama is a Muslim and not an American has stirred further controversy.
How could a fair-minded person support Donald Trump when he doesn't leap to correct the statements of all within earshot, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have always done?
“He’s disgusted so many people and he has said such terrible things about so many people it’s hard to know who he hasn’t taken a shot at...” said Mississippi Republican strategist Henry Barbour.
I began to realize this is true.  Trump has attacked people here illegally, he has attacked Republicans who support amnesty for illegals, and he has attacked radical Muslims for causing 9/11.  Before you know it, he'll be attacking American citizens!
And then I read a great piece in the Washington Post confirming that white people are a smaller and smaller part of the electorate, and if Republicans want to win, they need to appeal to the Hispanic vote.  And they can't appeal to the Hispanic vote if they don't support amnesty for illegal aliens, because all Hispanics want citizenship for illegal aliens.
Hispanics, I have learned, are not like white people.  They don't care about jobs, or health care, or abortion, or the strangling national debt, or the right to bear arms, or homosexual marriage, or Iran having nuclear weapons.  They are one-issue voters – amnesty, sí, enforce immigration laws, no.  That's why it would be political suicide to support Trump, who would turn off these millions and millions of undifferentiated one-issue voters.
The same goes with blacks.  Every time Trump speaks out against illegal immigration, he is alienating millions of black voters who want to welcome illegal immigrants, who when contemplating the increased competition for job slots think, "The more, the merrier!"  Black people love the pockets of Spanish-speaking-only areas, and many try to move there and learn the language as well.  By alienating Hispanics, Trump is also alienating blacks.
And the WaPo is right that white voters are a smaller and smaller chunk of the electorate.  They are so small now I can barely find them with a microscope.  While it is true that millions of white voters sat out the last two presidential elections, it would take a candidate who could really point out sharp contrasts with the Democrats and really take the battle to them to get elected, and Trump, with his muted, sleepy rhetoric, is obviously not a candidate who can do such a thing.
That's why I've decided to give up on supporters of immigration law and support the Bush people.  It's the only way to elect a Republican.  I'm open not only to Jeb, but also to Marco, Jeb's only slightly less Hispanic counterpart, who won't alienate voters with divisive rhetoric about enforcing the law.
I want to close by thanking Politico and the Washington Post for showing Republicans the path to victory.  They constantly write articles giving the GOP valuable guidance on how to win elections, showing they are as concerned as we are at helping Republicans win higher office.
This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.



Good grief. Scott Walker can't even drop out of the presidential race without invoking Ronald Reagan! He began his exit speech, "As a kid, I was drawn to Ronald Reagan ..." then went on to read a statement written for him by GOP donors, calling on the other one-percenters (in the polls) to get out, so that the party can nominate a "conservative alternative to the current front-runner."

A true admirer might have recalled that the front-runner terrifying Republican insiders in the summer of 1979 –– was one Ronald Reagan. (And surely, everyone remembers how Reagan's constant droning on about Dwight Eisenhower propelled Dutch to victory and allowed him to crush the Soviet War machine and usher in 20 years of peace and prosperity.)

Which reminds me: Perhaps Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are soaring in the polls not because they're "outsiders," but because they're not dumb. I notice that, other than Ted Cruz, they're the only GOP candidates for president who went to top schools.

I think we want a president who's better than us.

Marco Rubio's grandfather seems to have been cheering the little fellow up when he told Marco that, in America, "even I, the son of a bartender and a maid, could aspire to have anything, and be anything," including president! At least since the late-1960s when the SATs, rather than geography or social class, began to determine college admissions, it seems very unlikely that a community college student could be elected president.

This is the problem with using the word "elites" to refer to Republican Party apparatchiks: They're all such utter mediocrities.

I don't mean to be unkind. It's simply a fact.

Trump graduated from the Wharton School of Business and went on to make $11 billion. Carson went from Yale to the University of Michigan Medical School and was the first man to separate twins conjoined at the brain. Fiorina graduated from Stanford University and then earned $80 million in business.

By contrast, look up the educational achievement of the average pundit sneering at Trump’s idiocy and the ordinariness of his supporters. I won’t be as nasty as they are, but wow! – people who went to bush league schools shouldn’t throw stones. There's nothing wrong with attending a bush-league college. But maybe ease up on holding yourself out as a great intellectual appalled by the dirty masses if you went to a third-rate college in the era of need-blind admissions.

These guys damn well better be good at what they do. But, to the contrary, Republican insiders are the Washington Generals to the Democrats' Harlem Globetrotters. They enjoy being good losers. That's their job.

The consultant class wants a neat, static world, where nothing ever changes. They produce an occasional tepid victory to create the illusion of a two-party system. But like Arafat with the PLO, Republican insiders don't actually want to govern. The organization itself has become the cause -- not the purported goals of the organization. Just keep the donations rolling in.

A majority of elected Republicans, their advisers, conservative magazines and newspapers are nothing but junior partners to the left. They go on TV and repeat prepackaged conventional wisdom, hoping to get at least a small ovation. Trump is popular because we now live in a Kardashian nation and are one big cult of celebrity!

By mounting only impotent opposition, professional Republicans win the admiration of The New York Times, as they turn our country over to the left. All that matters is that they get to keep their offices, their salaries and their friends.

It's important for them to think of themselves as better than other people -- especially those yahoo proletarian conservatives.

Ironically, it's the Ivy League billionaire living a glamorous New York City life who has rocked the political world by speaking for ordinary Americans and insulting the powerful. Meanwhile, depressingly average Washington insiders insult ordinary Americans and suck up to the powerful.

When someone like Trump comes along and is actually serious about winning the very causes the GOP purportedly seeks to advance, he is seen as a disruptive force.

Most alarmingly, Trump brought up immigrationhttp://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=anncoulter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1621572676. The Democrats thought they had this one in the bag -- they'd worked it all out with Republicans! Both sides had agreed: I won't talk about it if you won't.

The decision has already been made: We aren't going to ask the American people what they think. We're just going to do this because we think we're right, and at a certain point it will be impossible to reverse, because Republicans will never be able to win another national election.

The transformation of our country has been a deliberate, methodical process, carefully hidden from the public.

Until Trump started talking about immigration, most Americans had no idea that immigrants take more government assistance than natives, that we are allowing nearly half a million anchor babies a year to force their way into citizenship and a lifetime of welfare, and that we're bringing in rapists, murderers and terrorists.

Immigration is an easy argument to win. But if you talk about it, the media will cut your mike.

Once the Democrats get the voters they want through immigration, they will be like kids in a candy store. What will they do first? Ban private ownership of guns? Strip Christian churches of their tax exemptions for being "homophobic"? Release criminals from prison? Imprison the police? It will be the LBJ and Carter administrations rolled into one for all time, without end.

All the debates we have now on talk radio and cable news will be completely irrelevant. The most left-wing policies imaginable will be enacted, with no opposition -- as they are today in California.

You might think California would wake up even the utter mediocrities in the Republican Party. But their predictable little lives have been disrupted. That's why Trump has them in a panic.

'ShoutYourAbortion' campaign explodes on social media

“I killed my baby!”


A social media campaign launched by three US activists to denounce the stigma surrounding abortion has gone viral as women have shared their experiences, though pro-life campaigners have hit back. The hashtag "#ShoutYourAbortion" was started on Twitter over the weekend after the US House of Representatives voted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest women's health care ser vices provider, as Republicans pushed for a probe of the organization. Lindy West, Amelia Bonow and …

Blog: Why aren't churches more like bars?

If a man be heavy of heart give him strong drink…Let him drink and forget his poverty and remember his misery no more.” – Proverbs 3:17

Blog: Why cops stop blacks

Makes sense. We pay our cops to apprehend law-breakers, to “catch crooks”, after all. Therefore they will stop those individuals they perceive are most likely to be law-breakers.


Why cops stop blacks with greater frequency is a question that has been discussed for decades, and with greater frequency since our first black president took office and introduced the concept of injecting presidential opinions and influence into local police/citizen incidents.  Obama's elevating local interest issues to the level of national crises proves that you just can't take the community out of a former community organizer.
This legitimate question has become a burning and even lethal issue with some in the liberal and black community, and it is worthy of investigation.  The obvious first response is that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime in this country, but should one have the temerity to offer that suggestion, one is quickly branded a racist.  And we all know that liberals and race-baiters consider that charge a surefire argument-stopper, one that trumps whatever amount of statistical evidence one may produce to substantiate that blacks do indeed commit significantly more crime, proportionately, than whites, particularly crimes of violence.   
A commenter on a piece I posted on another website gave a very succinct response to the question that substantiates the original claim while offering the sensible explanation that stopping blacks makes perfectly good sense from a cop's point of view, because it results in higher productivity in apprehending criminals and solving crimes.  And just like most folks in the work force, law enforcement officers are measured by and rewarded for higher productivity.  Increased work production often leads to promotion and higher pay – not unreasonable goals for cops, just like the rest of us, to have.
The law enforcement commenter gave an example: in just three vehicle stops of blacks in the first three hours of a shift, he found fifteen violations and sixteen outstanding warrants.  That's the kind of job production that gets your shift commander's attention.  Do that often enough, and the chief is going to recognize your name and give you a longer handshake while he fixes you with a thoughtful gaze.  And most likely, while he's pondering your future in his department, he's giving absolutely no thought to the race of the perps you have busted – simply the numbers you have added to his look-good statistics, which in turn will appease his masters and perhaps increase his own pay.  It's called getting noticed, and it's a very good thing for ambitious persons in a very large number of professions.  Why should it be any different with police officers?
I know, I know – it's profiling in the worst kind of way.  But you have to admit, for cops, it makes very good business sense if your business is enforcing the law and apprehending lawbreakers.  And by extension, it makes good sense for our communities, because it removes their most frequent offenders.  Whom do you want your police pulling over: citizens with clean records, or perps with a long list of priors and outstanding warrants?  And is that racism, or the application of common sense to controlling crime in your community?  It's just one more example of common sense colliding with liberal dogma.
You might call it another case of dogma bites cops.

Your Complete Guide To A World In Which The Fed Is No Longer In Control | Zero Hedge

For those who have had the nagging feeling that something in the market has changed dramatically in the past few months, you are absolutely correct. Here is the full explanation.

Young man, 24, dies in Peru after taking hallucinogens in ritual

Faith in native cultures not well rewarded

Leftists hate their own country and society so much that they like any alternative to it -- typically finding "wisdom" in primitive cultures and religions   -- the Chief Seattle speech being perhaps the most hilarious example of that faith. Leftists do so much of that talk that a lot of people are taken in and so are trustful of primitive practices in poor countries.  We see one result below – John J. Ray Brisbane Australia, Dissecting Leftism.


Matthew Dawson-Clarke, 24, has died in Peru after drinking hallucinogenic ayahuasca, in Peru. The man from Auckland, New Zealand died on September 3 after taking part in the purging ritual.