Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Liberals call suggestions for terror/ extremism screening “anti-Canadian”

Anna Gainey, the President of the Liberal Party Of Canada, slams the Conservative leadership contenders for suggesting screening of immigrants for ‘anti-Canadian values and charities for possible involvement in terrorism.

Gainey calls such ideas “anti-Canadian” and “darkly divisive attempts to deny human rights and divide Canadian amongst ourselves.”
“The following are excerpts from a fundraising email Gainey sent on September 25, 2016 to members and supporters of the Liberal Party:
“I couldn’t have been more proud to see Justin Trudeau speak to the United Nations this week about how we’re building an even more open, inclusive, and confident Canada – together.
“But it also gave me pause, because the Conservative Party and its leadership candidates are once again seeking to divide Canadians instead – and they’re reminding us all how much is at stake.
“Kellie Leitch wants to screen all immigrants for ‘anti-Canadian values.” Tony Clement wants to screen *all* Canadian charities for ‘terrorist activity.’ Brad Trost wants to eliminate all Canadian women’s right to choose, and to end all LGBTQ2 Canadians’ right to equal marriage.
“This is getting serious. If anything is anti-Canadian, it’s these darkly divisive attempts to deny human rights and divide Canadian amongst ourselves. And if the world’s recent experience has made one thing crystal clear, it’s that we all have a vital role to play in stopping this rhetoric from becoming reality.
“Justin Trudeau has always said that Canada is strong not in spite of our diversity, but because of it. And no one can afford to turn a blind eye when that diversity is under threat.”

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