Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton’s Scooby Doo Van Actually An Ambulance In The Event Of An Episode?

  Think of all the rich and powerful people who gave millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation in order to buy influence with Hillary because they believed she was a shoe-in to be the next POTUS. Boy, are they going to be pissed when they realize she was concealing how sick she really is all along. LOL!

The character in the video below used to be a prosecutor in Florida, before transitioning to radio and punditry. He’s more libertarian, but pro-gun, so he can ride here anytime. The video is just an example of his work. The point of this post is this – he postulated on another venue that Hillary’s van was chosen as a vehicle because inside it, it is actually fitted out like an ambulance.
If you stop and think about it, Hillary was at the 9/11 ceremony with her personal doctor, who held her arm and waited with her by the curb for the van. Traditionally, vans have been disfavored by protective services as transports, because they don’t have the horsepower, rugged drivetrains, or stability/maneuverability of SUVs that are designed for towing and off road use. Imagine the poor Secret Service Agent forced into a high-speed chase in that thing, swerving from lave to lane, with it’s high center of gravity and puny van wheels.
So why a van?
I initially thought it was because it was lower to step into, but then why not a sedan, which would come with much more maneuverability. Or better yet, a Limo?
The Vanbulance makes perfect sense. As soon as they loaded Hillary in (after blocking the view inside as they loaded her), they probably dumped the seat back, turning it into a gurney to lay her out flat, popped open some cabinets, and let her doctor hook up a diazepam IV from a hook on the ceiling, an EKG that popped from a side console, and they probably had the defibrillator paddles dropped from the ceiling, ready to go.
Everybody knows she has these amygdala problems, and they have known for some time. And everybody is covering it up, just like they did with FDR.
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