Monday, September 26, 2016

Signs Of The Apocalypse – Transgender Couple Has Children

Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez have become a father and mother after Fernando, who was born Maria, gave birth to a healthy baby.
Neither he nor Diane, who used to be a man, has undergone gender reassignment surgery, meaning they were able to conceive.
Fernando told the BBC about his range of emotions when they found out about the pregnancy.
Diane added: ‘Being a mother was never something I thought I would do because I am a transsexual.’
Last year, the Mirror reported that the pair met via social media, and Fernando moved to Ecuador from Venezuela to be with Diane.
Imagine that child, growing up with a man dressed as a woman as his mom, and a woman dressed as a man as his dad. In matters of law, the welfare of the child is always supposed to supersede all other interests in any case. Judges have made men support children that were not their’s, because it was best for the child. Custody is based solely on what is best for the child.
And yet here, nobody has the slightest concern for the child.
As the society has headed r, its collective rearing urge has diminished as well.

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