Friday, September 16, 2016

Venezuela Hits Full K-selection

K-section: a condition of scarce resources and intense competition for those resources. Survival of the fittest and most competent organisms in other words.

When 18-month-old Royer Machado died from malnutrition in Zulia, Venezuela, the authorities did not arrest his mother.
The child had gone more than 72 hours without eating, but his mother lived in extreme poverty and couldn’t get the resources she needed; that was just the nature of Venezuela today.
The boy’s mother told officers she ran out of money, and then out of food. The baby continued to cry, so she wrapped him in a rag, gave him water and rocked him to sleep. After several days, the crying stopped. He was no longer breathing.
Officers interrogated the boy’s mother, looking for any sign of violence or mistreatment, but there was none.
“She really had no food,” one officer said.
This isn’t the only case of malnutrition taking the life of a small child over the last two months.
Ligia González, 8 months, and Elver González, 2, died from critical malnutrition in Guajira, on the west side of the country.
Hospitals in Venezuela are struggling to handle the amount of malnutrition cases coming through their doors.
The wonders of socialism. We see it again and again, and still these idiots insist on pursuing it.
Notice, this was a single mom. Single moms will rapidly see their genes culled from the environment in K-selection, not only due to physical inability to protect themselves and their children, but because one parent cannot get as much food as two. Notice also, her rearing drive was so weak she didn’t go out and look for something, anything for her child to eat, like a bird, or a fish, or something else. She just covered her baby up until it stopped making noise. Would Sarah Palin have done that? Here is actual K-selection in the year 2016, and here is the culling of the genes of men and women who follow low-investment single parent rearing. Here it is happening right before our eyes.
Now imagine a world that imbues every woman with an uncontrollable desire to tie down a man, because only women programmed like that see their children survive. Imagine men holding the keys to reproduction, because women want them. Imagine women wanting the men who are the most successful. Imagine that a rejection by men being profoundly frustrating for the woman. That is what you see in K, and it is the polar opposite of what you see in r-selection, where women are programmed to joke about the uselessness of men.
Ideology is reproductive strategy. Liberalism is the r-strategy, and conservatism is the K-strategy, and it is all conjured by the presence or absence of resource availability.
The interesting aspect will be how quickly

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