Wednesday, September 21, 2016

European Refugees Go Home On Vacation

Despite claiming their lives woulds be at risk if they were forced to return home, many migrants are nonetheless taking social trips back to these danger spots.
An investigation revealed the “repulsive” problem is rife at a number of Berlin-based employment agencies, who are seeking support in dealing with the problem…
The issue is also a problem in the Netherlands, where the government is scrambling to impose some control.
Habtom Yohannes, a Dutch-Eritrean teacher and journalist, confirmed many of his compatriots who have been granted temporary asylum have been returning to their homeland…
Switzerland also flagged up the problem, confirming dozens of asylum seekers who had apparently turned up penniless after fleeing what they said was a war zone were found to have flown home on holiday.
Last month a Syrian migrant living in Birmingham was jailed for claiming £10,000 in payments from the UK government – despite living in Syria.
Migrants fleeing to a resource rich area will tend to be r-strategists. Once you have that psychology in play, these people will never contribute to the greatness of your nation, they will never sacrifice for your people, nor will they have the mindset it takes to protect freedom. The r-strategist’s sole goal is free resources. Lying, cheating, stealing, swindling, and worse, all for a little dopamine high, before fleeing to avoid the consequences:
The woman was dragged under a bush behind where a blanket had been laid out.
She was then assaulted by three men who then gagged, beat her up and tied her up.
She was only found when a couple who were jogging early on Monday morning heard the victim making a muffled sobbing noise.
They raised the alarm after finding her in deep shock, naked and crying.
Police then used computer data to quickly trace the three men to a hotel in the 18th arrondissement of Paris
They were caught there just before they tried to flee to Germany on Monday.
None of them had any official papers and all claimed they were 17 year olds from Tunisia and were seeking asylum.
However, early checks suggest they are likely to be a lot older and possibly from Algeria.
The only reservation I have with Trump is that he may just be brilliant enough to forestall the Apocalypse, and I really feel that to reset things properly, we need an Apocalypse. Get everyone angry, let them impose some consequence on the traitors who have betrayed their nations here, expel the migrants, let the remaining savages have at the city-dwelling rabbits, and then move forward.

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