Friday, October 31, 2014

Democrats: Vote or we'll kick your ass

Not like we're telling you who to vote for or anything.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Michael Jordan On Playing Golf With POTUS, ' He's A Hack, It Would Be All Day Playing With Him.'

Boy... this Twitter does nothing so much as get people in trouble, doesn't it? It certainly enables people to expose themselves for saying uncomplimentary or even down right insulting things about other people "behind their backs" at the speed of light. Man... the fights we could have started if we would have had Twitter back in in high school!

BOMBSHELL: Report Claims WI Gov. Candidate Falsified Her Job History, Resume

"Former coworkers claim Mary Burke was fired -- by her own brother -- for terrible performance, and that she has since lied about the firing and her sales record."

Bellevue Workers, Worn Out From Treating Ebola Patient, Face Stigma Outside Hospital

Gosh, what are people afraid of?... Ebola is only 70% fatal!

Obama Quarantines Soldiers, but Ebola Doctors, Nurses Can Do Whatever they Want

Trek sources: Mary Burke's family fired her for incompetence

"Pit bull on crack" or "Attila the Hun," eh? Mary Burke always a has a scowl on her face. Apparently she's as ornery as she looks. Another angry rich Liberal with no abilities and an enormous sense of entitlement.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Get Ready for Obama's Ebola Refugees Coming to America

Crowd Begins to File Out While Obama Speaks in Wisconsin

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership

A great awakening?

German Typhoons have intercepted 7 Russian Air Force combat planes over the Baltic Sea today

According to the Latvian military, on Oct. 28, the German Air Force
Eurofighter jets on QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) at Amari, Estonia, to provide
NATO Baltic Air Policing were scrambled to intercept seven Russian Air Force
planes flying in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

The German interceptors identified the Russian planes as a large package,
made of attack planes and escort, which included 2x MiG-31 Foxhound, 2x
Su-34 Fullback, 1x Su-27 Flanker and 2x Su-24 Fencer jets.

Regardless to whether the Russian aircraft were involved in one of the
frequent training missions in the Baltics or were commuting to/from the
Russian airfield in Kaliningrad oblast, the package on Oct 28 represents one
of the largest "formations" intercepted by NATO fighter planes during the
last couple of years.

Usually, close encounters involve Russian, Swedish or U.S. spyplanes
intercepted before (or after) violating sovereign airspaces. Sometimes,
scrambles are required to greet Moscow's Tu-22 or Tu-95 bombers on
long-range training patrols or strike packages involved in (alleged)
simulated air strikes on one of North Europe's states (usually, Sweden).

Anyway, Russian Air Force missions in the Baltic area have surged, to such
an extent NATO presence has quadrupled in the last year: from one nation
providing four aircraft in QRA at one base in Lithuania (Šiauliai), to four
nations (currently Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Canada) at two
airbases (the second being Amari, in Estonia).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Police brace for new Ferguson protests by spending thousands on riot gear

Civil Libertarians today are decrying the "militarization" of American
police forces. Meaning that police departments in every jurisdiction seem to
be increasing equipping themselves with riot gear, body armor, SWAT teams
and even armored cars. One of the dirty little serest of why this is
happening is because of the hazards of police work in black majority
neighborhoods. The unrest and street violence in Ferguson, Mo has been going
on for months now.

The police department overseeing the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over
the killing of an unarmed 18-year-old has spent tens of thousands of dollars
replenishing their stocks of teargas, "less lethal" ammunition and riot gear
in advance of a potential revival in demonstrations.

Tension flares between Scott Walker and Chris Christie

Scott Walker, the champion of the right of employees to not be forced into
unions, has a massive bull's-eye on his back, as the labor movement is
engaged in an all-out spending spree to knock him out of office next
Tuesday.  Walker and his supporters have been subjected to the dirtiest
political retaliation imaginable, and he has already survived a union-funded
recall campaign that tried to end his political career mid-term.

As we noted Sunday, it appears that the Republican Governors Association,
headed by Chris Christie, is pulling back on financial support for
television ads in the home stretch.

Yesterday, Gov. Walker made it evident that he does not appreciate the
limited help he is getting from the Christie forces.  Alexander Burns
reports in Politico:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he needs more help from the national GOP in
his reelection fight - and an upcoming visit from New Jersey Gov. Chris
Christie isn't going to cut it.

Speaking with reporters after a morning campaign stop here, Walker said he
is getting outspent on television and faces overwhelming hostility from
national Democratic groups and labor unions.

Asked if he was satisfied with the support he's received from national
Republicans, Walker indicated he hopes to get more backup from the
Republican Governors Association. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who chairs
the RGA, is coming to campaign for Walker this week - but the Wisconsin
Republican said he's "not looking for surrogates."

"[Christie] is coming because he asked if he could come and we weren't going
to say no," Walker said. "But we're not looking for surrogates. The people
that have been campaigning with me are by and large from Wisconsin."

It appears that Christie might be happy to see a powerful competitor for the
2016 nomination flame out.  Democrats, meanwhile, are desperate for some
token victories they can crow about in the midst of what looks like another
"shellacking" next week.  Scott Walker may be the sacrificial lamb offered

As Lauri Regan notes, there is some good news in Wisconsin: Barack Obama is
traveling there to campaign against Walker for Sharon Burke, the heiress who
is runnng against him.  There is a decent chance that this political poison
will taint the fellow Dem.

Armored car, 24 deputies dispatched to collect civil judgment from 75 year old man

Hoeppner's wife was so upset by the military tactics employed by the policethat she had to go to the hospital.
To be sure, Hoeppner had no legal leg to stand on.  And he's apparently adisagreeable sort of fellow.
But the politicians in the town may have had another motive for employingmaximum force:
In a federal civil rights suit, Hoeppner contends that Wasmundt infringed onhis free speech rights by calling deputies to town board meetings whereHoeppner wished to address the board during public comment periods, and forlater eliminating public comment entirely from meeting agendas.
Once, Hoeppner said, he was arrested by the deputies at Wasmundt'sdirection, only to later be released without charge.
A citizen standing up to authorities - free-speaking, cantankerous, anddismissive of their authority - gets a visit by 24 deputies with guns drawnand an armored vehicle.  I'd say there's more to this case than the town isletting on.

Scott Walker, in Dead Heat, Faces Third Election in Four Years

Scott Walker is facing re-election for the third time in four years.

Let that fact sink in, and you will begin to understand many things about
this pivotal race. Wisconsin is not merely a swing state, it is an odd,
unique one. The Republican Party was founded there, yet the last time the
state chose a Republican presidential candidate was in 1988. Its largest
city, Milwaukee, last had a Republican mayor in 1908. It had a socialist
mayor (not left-wing Democrat, but outright socialist) in 1960.

 Nonetheless, the relatively conservative Republican Governor Tommy
Thompson, who pioneered welfare reform in the 1990s, was elected to four
terms. When Thompson became George W. Bush's Health and Human Services
secretary, he was succeeded by Lieutenant Governor Scott McCallum, who lost
his re-election bid to the Democratic Attorney General Jim Doyle.

In Doyle's second-term election in 2006, the Democrats took the state by
storm. They held majorities in both houses of the state legislature, held
every statewide office save (perhaps ironically) the attorney general, and
had five of the state's eight members of the House of Representatives.

But Doyle's second term was a disaster. Due to both the economic crash and
his policies (including a law requiring companies headquartered in Wisconsin
with operations in other states to pay taxes in Wisconsin on the
out-of-state operations), the state lost 130,000 jobs and faced an
unconstitutional $3.6B budget deficit (Wisconsin's constitution requires a
balanced budget).

In 2010, the tide surged right. Republicans took control of both houses of
the state legislature, took every statewide office save three (one senator,
the secretary of state, and the director of public instruction), and took
five of the eight seats of the House of Representatives delegation.

Ever since, the Democrats have been frothing at the mouth to bring down
Scott Walker. His feat of balancing the budget and eliminating the budget
deficit through his Act 10 legislation, which greatly limits the collective
bargaining rights of the public employee unions, earned him enemies in
labor, as well.

The enmity led to the recall election, held in 2012. Scott Walker handily
won the recall, and despite the loss of a handful of Republican legislators
who also came up for recall, the Republicans retained control of both houses
of the state legislature.

Walker won the recall by a wider margin than he did the general election,
which was a stinging rebuke to the Democrats and the public employee unions.

Two "John Doe" probes were launched by highly partisan District Attorney of
Milwaukee County John Chisholm during Walker's first term, despite
absolutely no evidence of any actual wrong-doing by Walker. Few politicians
have been as thoroughly vetted by their opposition. The prospect of an
honest politician being elected with a thoroughly conservative message in a
state as deeply "purple" as Wisconsin is obviously terrifying to the
Democrats. They remember just as well as conservatives do that Ronald Reagan
won 44 states in defeating Jimmy Carter, and 39 states for his second term
against Mondale. Walker has been widely discussed as a possible presidential
candidate in 2016.

Hence, this election assumes critical importance, as the unions thirst for
revenge and the national Democratic Party considers Walker to be enemy
number one. But who could run against him?

500 Smith&Wesson tree fail.

Is the .500 Smith and Wesson powerful?....

Hillary: On Second Thought, Maybe Businesses and Corporations Do Create Jobs!

Yuh Think?
Hillary Clinton is still the odds-on favorite to win the Democrat nomination, but this latest revealing moment suggests once again that she is overrated. She does not run good campaigns, is not an inspiring stump speaker, is not principled and is not particularly interesting. She has no compelling back story (she spent decades killing off lots of those to keep Clenis viable). She has none of her husband's charm or savvy, and thanks to Obama's incompetence/malevolence and Wendy Davis' implosion in Texas, the shine has even worn off of the idea of electing candidates for the sake of history. She cannot run on her great tenure as secretary of State, not without Benghazi and the chaos in the world coming up. So what exactly is Hillary Clinton going to run on?
The unstated campaign promise is that if we elect Hillary we'll get back Bill as the real shot caller...and weren't those good times when Bill was President? 

Exclusive: St. Louis Businesses Warned of 'Civil Unrest' After Grand Jury Decision

A St. Louis property manager is warning businesses near the St. Louis Countycourthouse to prepare for "civil unrest" in the wake of the imminent grandjury decision in the Michael Brown shooting.
Public demonstrations and random acts of violence have plagued the St. Louisarea since August, when a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed,black teenager in the North St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, MO.
The warning to businesses came by way of a letter, dated October 21,addressed to "all tenants" in The Boulevard shopping center in RichmondHeights, MO. The shopping center is less than a mile and a half from thesite of the grand jury proceeding in Clayton, MO.
The Pace Properties Manager disclosed that the property management team "metwith local authorities/police recently to discuss their plans andrecommendations for dealing with possible demonstrations and civil unrestafter the grand jury decision is announced on the Michael Brown shooting."
The term "civil unrest" is used multiple times throughout the letter. ThePace Properties Manager disclosed that the property management team "metwith local authorities/police recently to discuss their plans andrecommendations for dealing with possible demonstrations and civil unrestafter the grand jury decision is announced on the Michael Brown shooting."

Polish plans defense shift toward its eastern border due to Ukraine conflict

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Poland is planning a major realignment of itsmilitary structure because of the conflict in neighboring Ukraine, thecountry's defense minister said Monday, a move that could shift thousands oftroops to its eastern border.
"The geopolitical situation has changed. We have the biggest crisis ofsecurity since the Cold War and we must draw conclusions from that," PolishDefense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak told The Associated Press.
Although Poland joined NATO in 1999, most of its 120,000-member army isbased along the country's western border, as a relic of its former status asa Soviet bloc member.
That is going to change, Siemoniak said, adding that at least three militarybases in the east will increase from the current 30 percent of capacity toalmost 90 percent by the end of 2017. That's a potential increase ofthousands of troops, although Siemoniak wouldn't specify a precise overallfigure.

Czech secret service sees 'extremely high' number of Russian spies 123051735.html;_ylt=AwrSyCVDdU5U7h4A1CjQtDMD

Naked Man Accused Of Raping Pit Bull In Neighbor's Yard, Says ISIS Sent Him

...And there they was officer, doin' it human style.
"Woodruff said the man appeared mentally ill as he was telling her that the terror group ISIS sent him."
Yuh Think?

Coulter: Democrats Think Americans Are 'Fools'

Will the election prove the Democrats right?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Crimes of Exactly What-What Ferguson wrought will not end well for America

“No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems — of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind.”
- Thomas Sowell 

That’s what this race-baiting in Ferguson is all about: motivating Black voter turnout to help the Democrat Party win seats in the upcoming Midterm Election. The lesson learned is that the Democrats are willing risk starting a race war in order to win that election.

Canada on its Knees

Canadian Leftists are worried about maintaining their multiculturalism in the face of the recent terrorist attacks.
"I’m reminded of the Chris Rock bit where he talks about having too many girlfriends and trying to get rid of them by being an asshole. He says they just end up loving you more until you’re like, “Won’t one of you bitches dump me?” Trudeau is the same naïve kid who said our involvement in the Middle East has more to do with Harper’s ego than any valid beef with Islam. To Justin and many other Canadians, fighting extremism is nothing but right-wing assholes pulling their dicks out. I’m not exaggerating. “Why aren’t we talking more about the kind of humanitarian aid that Canada can and must be engaged in,” Trudeau said at a conference in Ottawa, “ratherthan trying to whip out our CF-18s and show them how big they are?”

Captured Teen Terrorist Divulges The Secret Of Why ISIS Fighters Are Cowards

In an interview with CBS News, a captured teen terrorist opened up about
life as an ISIS fighter.

When the Islamic State invaded 15-year-old Kareem Mufleh's village, he was
given two awful options: join the jihadists or experience the horror of
being beheaded.

Mufleh chose to join ISIS.

While ISIS fighters have caused hundreds of thousands of defenseless people
in Iraq and Syria to flee and are becoming the stuff of living nightmares,
Mufleh explained what makes them so detached and cowardly.

He claims that ISIS gave him the anti-anxiety drug Zolam before he went in
to battle.

"That drug makes you lose your mind," he said. "If they give you a suicide
belt and tell you to blow yourself up, you'll do it."

ISIS's move is nothing new, as militant groups drugging their recruits is a
common thing. Many child soldiers in Africa are drugged before going into
battle. In addition, terrorists who were involved in the Mumbai attacks were
allegedly on hardcore narcotics.

Mufleh's information may explain part of the psychological reason why ISIS
fighters are so willing to commit atrocity after atrocity. The Islamic State
knows its message doesn't have any real value. That's why they are using
brainwashing and drug addiction to build their terror-machine.

Top 5 Guns For a Bump in the Night

Would you Provide Security to a Disarmenter who Mocked You?

For once her sharp tongue failed her.

Hillary: 'Don't Let Anybody Tell You' That 'Businesses Create Jobs'

Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Friday, Hillary Clinton told the crowd gathered at the Park Plaza Hotel not to listen to anybody who says that "businesses create jobs."
"Don't let anybody tell you it's corporations and businesses create jobs," Clinton said.
"You know that old theory, 'trickle-down economics,'" she continued. "That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly."
"You know, one of the things my husband says when people say 'Well, what did you bring to Washington,' he said, 'Well, I brought arithmetic,'" Clinton said, which elicited loud laughs from the crowd.
Yeah arithmetic... as in one plus one equals whatever we want it to be.

Of course people will vote for Hillary because they KNOW we'll really be getting Bill back...and weren't those fun times when Bill was President?

The Safari Principle - Ferguson Missouri Thugs Attack Community While Paralyzed Police Do Nothing.. -missouri-thugs-attack-community-while-paralyzed-police-do-nothing/#more-91220

The Safari Principle: don't get out of your car!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rookie NYPD Officers Overcome Their Training To Survive Axe-Wielding Jihadi

"Survival cancels programing."

Ruk the Android, "What Little Girls are Made of", Star Trek

FYI: Glock manufactures its handguns with four different trigger pull
weights. The standard Glock service pistol has a 5.5 pound trigger pull, the
competition pistols have a 4.5 pound trigger pull; many police agencies
order their Glock pistols with either the New York 1 (NY1) trigger with a
8.5 pound pull or the New York 2 (NY2) trigger with a 12.5 pound pull. The
New York Police Department (NYPD) ordered the heaver trigger pulls when it
first went to Glock semi-automatic pistols back in the 1990's as means of
defeating the "cute lawyer trick" employed in wrongful death lawsuits
against the city of accusing either the police officer or the police
department of negligence for creating "a hair-trigger situation" by using a
handgun with a light trigger pull, thereby leading inevitably and
unnecessarily to a tragic death (according to plaintiff's bar's theory of
the case). Thus the use of the heavy trigger pull on the NYPD's Glock
service pistols is intended to counter and dismiss this charge from the
outset. The down side is that heavy trigger pull can make it harder for
inexperienced shooters to hit a moving target under stress, as seems to have
been demonstrated by recent events in NYC.

FYI:  The would-be  Jihadist murderer was armed with an Eastwing 16" long
camp axe.

Everything Millennials Need To Know About Politics And Economics in 25 Quotes

Transgender troops say they want to serve openly

The landmark repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" in 2011 allowed gays and
lesbians to serve openly in the U.S. military.

Now, transgender individuals on active duty and veterans who have served are
fighting for the same right.

At a one-day conference in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 20, troops and veterans
who switched sexes while on active duty or afterward said transgender people
serving in uniform should not have to hide who they are.

Army 'funding cliff' may mean more demand for deployments, reserve soldiers, leader says

The Army likely will look to the National Guard and Army Reserve to fill steady-state missions as it deals with increasing demands for soldiers around the world.

What Gun Did the Ottawa Terrorist Use

He used an old Winchester "Thuddy-Thuddy".

 "At a Thursday press conference, RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson confirmed that Zehaf-Bibeau had carried out the shootings with a Winchester 30-30 lever action rifle, a quintessentially Canadian bush gun that is not normally the first choice of would-be terrorists."
The Winchester Model 1894 .30-30 does have a history of use by revolutionaries early in the 20th Century. In fact there is an old Mexican revolutionary song celebrating it: "Carabina .30-30" (Trienta-Trienta).

Carabina 30-30
 Que los rebeldes portaban
 Y Decian los maderistas
 Que con ella no mataban

 Carabina 30-30
 Que los rebeldes portaban
 Y Decian los maderistas
 Que con ella no mataban

 Con mi 30-30
 Me voy a marchar
 A engrosar las filas de la rebelion
 Si mi sangre piden, me sangre les doy
 Por los habitantes de nuestra nacion.

In English:

The 30/30 carbine
Carried by the rebels
According to the Maderistas
Did not really kill

I'm off to battle with my 30/30
I entered the rebel ranks
If it's blood they ask for, blood I'll give them
For the people of our nation

Fransico Villa cried out
Where are you Argumedo?
Come and stand up in front
You, who are never afraid

I'm off to battle with my 30/30
I entered the rebel ranks
If it's blood they ask for, blood I'll give them
For the people of our nation

We've headed for Chihuahua
Your Indian saint is leaving town
If they kill me in the war
Go and mourn me on hallowed ground

I'm off to battle with my 30/30
I entered the rebel ranks
If it's blood they ask for, blood I'll give them
For the people of our nation