Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who Will Replace Hillary, And What Effect Will That Have On r/K Theory?

The hot money is on Biden, but David Shuster Tweeted that Team Bernie is rushing to gear up for the battle, so Bernie will not go down without a fight. I think Biden might just demur, both because Trump is an unusually formidable adversary who could stick him with a nickname that would be damaging long-term, and taking the nomination will anger Bernie supporters. I think Biden might be shrewd enough to let Bernie lose to Trump, while taking all the goodwill of his supporters for stepping aside, so he can cruise to victory in four years, after which an engineered economic apocalypse may have tarnished Trump’s appeal.
My belief is Hillary will have an episode during the debates. Three ninety minute periods, under hot lights, opposite Trump, with all the lights, and flashing flashbulbs in the audience, and sudden applause, and Trump doing his thing, and the microscope on her. I think it extraordinarily likely she will have something happen. She is not getting better.
Here is how it will happen. She will be going along, when she will feel a tweak of her amygdala. Immediately she will panic at the thought of it, further exacerbating the amygdala tweak, because now everyone will see her go down on live TV. She’s on stage, with nowhere to go, so she feels trapped. Then she will get angry, and blame someone for her predicament. Now her amygdala is making both anger and fear, the symptom is worse for it, she feels it is coming and she is helpless, and from there it all feeds itself until she pops.
I am kind of split on how I feel about it. President Trump will happen much easier with Hillary as an opponent, and I know we need that. And yet, if Bernie, or even Biden, were the opponent, then it is in everyone’s interest to get r/K Theory in front of as many people as possible to tar the Democrat nominee as a rabbit, and that will make it less likely we will get a rabbit as President decades hence.
In the end, this is all in God’s hands, so whatever happens will be for the best. But whatever happens, it is certainly looking like it will be entertaining, thanks in no small part to our next Commander in Chief, President Donald J. Trump.

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