Friday, September 2, 2016

Rabbit Policing – Telling People Shooting And Stabbing Each Other Is Bad

Hmmm… this explains the desultory war effort in Syria. Apparently President Obama expected Assad to resign and leave all shame-faced when Oabma put pressure on him, like announcing that the use of chemical weapons would be a "red line”. When Assad refused to go away quietly president Oabma and all his rabbit liberal advisers ddin’t know what to do next.

In the countdown to the huge West Indian-American Day Parade festivities, the NYPD is continuing its efforts to make J’Ouvert, the pre-parade all-night party, safe. This time, they’re appealing to participants with flyers asking them not to shoot or stab anyone.
“I guess this is the de Blasio crime prevention program,” a police source snarked to the Post. “I found this absolutely hysterical. It’s just incredible. We’ve come to the point now where we’re asking people not to shoot one another.”
Rabbits expect social shaming and threats of “Or else!” to scare everyone into aligning with their desires. To them it is the basis of a minor amygdala hijack. In r-selection, you avoid the conflict, first and foremost. As a result, in r-selection the top rabbits are the ones who learn to wield the threat of a conflict with the entire group, to move all the other rabbits out of their way. Here, the rabbits think this flyer will keep all the gangbangers in line. It makes sense to them, because it would work on them.
Just to add to the comedy, another rabbit on twitter, seeing an opening to launch their own out-grouping attacks and elevate their own stature, immediately began crying that the flyers are racist. Their expectation is to see the Police immediately drop to bended knee, apologetically, to avoid the wrath of the populace, thereby giving the rabbit a burst of superior status.
The police understand innately that the violent do not pay attention to rabbit rules. And not being rabbity themselves, the cries of racism roll off their backs. But for now, we are ruled by rabbits, so the idiocy continues.

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