Thursday, September 1, 2016

Muslims get their own prayer room at Orlando airport -

Orlando. Hmmm. 

Seems that city was in the news recently. Something to do with Muslims. 

Oh, yeah. I remember.
A Muslim maniac walked into the Pulse nightclub and opened fire. 49 people were killed. 

It reminds us of the mass shooting in Charlottesville, South Carolina where a white guy murdered nine black parishioners. 

There is a difference. 

In Charlottesville, the fatal shooting of 9 was celebrated by condemning the Confederate flag, disinterring Confederate heroes, and displacing Confederate icons. 

In Orlando the fatal shooting of 49 was celebrated by creating a safe space form Muslims at the city airport. Specifically, the religion of peace will get its own prayer room. 


The Orlando International Airport will soon be opening a Muslim prayer room.

The airport will spend $350,000 to build the “Reflection Room” where Muslims can pray, a local CBS affiliate reported.

The decision was made after Emirates Airlines announced it will soon be offering direct flights out of Orlando to Dubai. A majority of the airline’s travelers are Muslim.

“These rooms provide travelers an opportunity an opportunity to pray in their own way and have peace before they take on a long flight,” Imam Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, told CNN’s local affiliate.

The room is expected be open by the Sept. 1 launch of the first Emirates flight out of Orlando.

Many Muslim travelers currently pray in public terminals and even in the bathrooms at the Orlando airport.

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