Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Liberals Cheat In Elections The World Over

An embarrassing postponement of Austria’s high-stakes October 2 presidential election looked all but inevitable Saturday, because of technical problems involving glue failing to stick on postal votes.
The last election result from May was annulled after Austria’s highest court upheld claims of procedural irregularities made by the narrowly-defeated far-right.
This necessitated fresh elections but this time there appear to be problems with glue on postal votes not sticking, making them invalid.
On Saturday independent ecologist Alexander Van der Bellen joined his rival in the vote, Norbert Hofer from the far-right, in saying he now expects a postponement.
“I don’t believe that October 2 is possible any more,” Van der Bellen, 72, told a news conference. “I hope that (the new election) can still take place this year.”
Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka meanwhile made his clearest indication yet of a postponement, saying that “it does not look like” the problems can be resolved in time.
He is due to make an announcement on Monday.
Conservatives are programmed to see the fittest specimen win, no matter the contest. Liberals, as r-strategists, are merely programmed to seek free resources, at any cost, and to panic at the prospect of the competition of K-selection. No matter where you go in the world, or even the universe, you will find, noble, capable K-strategists seeking fair and honest competition, designed to sort good from bad. And alongside them, you will also find craven, deceitful r-strategists who are lying, cheating, and doing anything they can to just feather their own nests.
It is tempting to see this as an earthly problem, but for all of time in this universe, I will bet this very issue will crop up in the evolution of every intelligent species that evolves. There will be lizard men with three eyes, smooth grey insect people, and weird blob-like creatures, all slapping their foreheads wondering why their leftist opponents are such craven scumbags.
Take heart – it is all a play, and the very fabric of the universe is designed to favor K in the end.

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