Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary blames 80 degree heat for her collapse

The Democratic presidential candidate is seen standing on a curb near the World Trade Center when she appeared to lose her balance.
  • Democratic presidential candidate was abruptly led away from service at around 9:30am on Sunday 
  • Video footage shows her appearing to lose her balance on the sidewalk before getting helped into a car
  • The clip shows her knees appearing to buckle on the curb before her aides rush to her side to help 
  • A senior law enforcement official said she was thrown into the back seats like a 'side of beef' 
  • Nick Merrill, her traveling press secretary, said Clinton 'overheated' as she was taken to Chelsea's home
  • Despite the concerning video, she emerged a short time later and said: 'I'm feeling great'
  • Temperature was around 80 degrees at Ground Zero during the service
  • The latest incident will raise further questions about her health that have been pushed by opponents
  • Last week she refused to answer questions by about a concussion she suffered in 2012  
Hillary Clinton is holed up in her Chappaqua home tonight after she was caught on video collapsing into the arms of her Secret Service detail during the 9/11 memorial service at the World Trade Center.
The Democratic presidential candidate was caught by a bystander losing her balance, slumping at the knees and being held up by her aides.
Her campaign later blamed 'overheating' for the episode - which saw her rushed away from the ceremony at Ground Zero and back to Chelsea's apartment. Her press pool was not informed for 90 minutes of her whereabouts or given an explanation for the abrupt departure.
At the time the temperature was around 80 degrees and the humidity was low. In addition Secret Service appeared to break protocol during her hurried departure when she arrived at her pickup point before her minivan. 
Secret Service rules say a protected person's ride must arrive before they do, suggesting agents were rushing in this instance.    
The 68-year-old's campaign team said she 'overheated' during the service, but witnesses and the video suggest her symptoms were much worse.
In the footage, Clinton  is seen standing on a curb near the site of the Twin Towers when she suddenly appears unable to stand.
She seems to nearly fall to the ground before she is caught by her aides, who hold her up. Her security detail then had to help her into the van by grabbing each of her arms.
The former Secretary of State then appears to fall forward towards the door of the van before being bundled inside. 
Law enforcement sources told the Daily Beast she was thrown into the back seat like a 'side of beef'.  
She appears to lose a shoe under the vehicle in the struggle before being driven to daughter Chelsea's apartment in Manhattan.
Despite the concerning footage, she emerged from the home at 11:45am on Sunday saying she was fine. She told waiting reporters: 'I'm feeling great, it's a beautiful day in New York.' 
A smiling Clinton was then greeted by a young girl on the street to pose for a picture. She waved  at customers at a nearby restaurant before getting into a van.
Clinton then travelled to her home in Chappaqua, New York, according to her campaign. 
It is not known whether she saw a doctor.
Nick Merrill, her traveling press secretary, said Clinton 'overheated' during the ceremony, but quickly recovered when she returned to Chelsea's apartment.
She recently said she had been suffering from allergy attacks since Labor Day and had upped her antihistamine dosage. 
Clinton suffered two coughing fits this week while on the campaign trail, one while she was speaking publicly in Ohio on Monday and another while she was taking questions from reporters. had asked Clinton about her health Thursday pointing to notes released by the FBI as part of the bureau's email investigation that suggested Clinton may have suffered memory loss from the concussion she sustained in 2012. 
'Can you clarify what you told the FBI about your concussion?' had asked the candidate, to which Clinton replied curtly, 'read the reports,' offering no additional explanation.
There are also questions over whether the Secret Service broke their own protocol when they whisked Hillary away from the scene.
A source told the Washington Post that agents are supposed to wait for a car before they take a protected individual away.
In the video, Hillary is seen leaning against a bollard before the motorcade draws up. 
They appeared to have rushed her departure, which meant lead agent Todd Madison had to leave her side to open the van door, which is also against protocol.
Today, shortly after 9:30am, the pool reporter covering Clinton at the World Trade Center notified the rest of the press that the Democrat had disappeared from the event with no notice from the campaign. 
She had spent about 90 minutes at the memorial. 
It wasn't until 11am that reporters were told where Clinton went and what had happened, though Fox News had already reported that Clinton had suffered from a 'medical episode.' 
Trump said he had 'no idea' what happened when asked about his rival's health after the ceremony.
Trump's campaign did not respond to a request for additional comment from  
Merrill said in a statement: 'Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen.
'During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter's apartment, and is feeling much better.'
Clinton's press team later updated the statement to remove the word 'just,' stating it was a 'typo.' 
Eyewitnesses said that Clinton had to wait a couple of minutes for her motorcade as it wasn't waiting for her when she exited the event. 
Fox News reporter Rick Levanthal, who broke the initial story, quoted one person who was standing 15ft away from Clinton who saw her stumble off the curb. 
Her 'knees buckled,' Levanthal tweeted, as she lost a shoe during this 'unexpected early departure.' 
Her detail retrieved a shoe from underneath the van and helped the former secretary of state inside, according to reports. 
The temperature was around 80 degrees at Ground Zero during the service. There was a humidity of 41%.  
Clinton was standing in the middle of a crowd of politicians packed together in a small space.
Clinton's pool reporter wrote that she could not see whether the Democratic hopeful was standing in direct sunlight, though noted that there wasn't a lot of shade in the area where the politicians were gathered. 
Clinton had already suspended campaigning on Sunday in a show of support for those who died on 9/11 and those who survived the terror attacks.  
Earlier on Sunday she tweeted: 'We'll never forget the horror of September 11, 2001. Today, let's honor the lives and tremendous spirit of the victims and responders.'
Clinton was a senator from New York 15 years ago and did a sit-down interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo about her experience during and after the attacks. 
She recalled being evacuated from the Senate office buildings in Washington, D.C. on 9/11 and then heading to New York City alongside her peer, Sen. Chuck Schumer, on Sept. 12.  
She visited lower Manhattan on Sept. 12, alongside her Senate peer, Sen. Chuck Schumer, describing what she saw on the ground as 'hell.'  
'We saw this curtain of black smoke that was stretched across the island.
'Occasionally it would be broken by a firefighter coming out. I remember one image so indelibly, dragging his ax, and it was as close to a depiction of hell that I have ever personally seen.

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