Monday, October 3, 2016

Warren Buffet Is Pulling Out To Cash

Right now the market is perceived to be so dangerous that it’s even chased the most fearless value investors to the sidelines.
Just this evening, in the Presidential debate, Trump warned that the stock market was a bubble “about to pop”.
Now, the bearish billionaire circle has grown even wider with the addition of Warren Buffett.
The “Oracle of Omaha” as he’s known, currently has more money outside the markets than ever before in his five decades running Berkshire-Hathaway.
This is a striking fact considering that Buffett is very well known for his long-term investment strategy – an approach that requires one to constantly have most of their capital tied up in order to generate consistent returns.
Buffet is obviously gearing up to jump in big when it all goes down, picking up the pieces.
Given the situation with Deutsche Bank, you have to wonder what the period between now and the inauguration holds.

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