Friday, October 28, 2016

The Young Are Going Increasingly K

Donald Trump would win by a landslide if American teenagers got to choose the next president, according to a new poll.
A solid 47.1 percent of high school students backed Trump while only 32.6 percent voted for Hillary Clinton in a recent online mock election, according to After School, the country’s largest teen-focused social network. Trump also trounced Clinton in 42 of 50 states, according to the poll, in which 106,608 teens voted from Oct. 14-21 by using an app.
After School organizers told The Post they were surprised by the results but believe it shows the Selfie Generation loves The Donald because he’s a “political outsider” who shares teens’ “anti-establishment” values.
Other reasons students gave for why they support Trump included: “He is going to lower taxes” and “He’s not Hillary.”
Overall, Trump won all 11 swing states that he is banking on to win the presidency, as well as New York, which is a stronghold with registered Democratic voters.
There will be a rebound now. My own theory is a big r-ifier has been the technology boom. In 20 years, we have seen the introduction of the internet, smart phones, touch-screen tablets, video games that are nothing short of mind-blowing, 3D movies, and media that has been striving to be as dopamine producing as possible in every realm. The endless bubble-and-debt-fueled-economy has also facilitated these amygdala-dulling dopamine rushes. To those of us for whom this is all new, it is one big dopamine rush.
But to r-ifiy, those things need to be new to you, so they trigger that unnatural dopamine rush. If you are raised with them from childhood, all of those things are ho-hum. Today’s kids can grow up with those technologies, and their amygdalae may look similar to those of kids who grew up in the fifties by the time they are in their teens.
Now, let today’s kids grow up with them, and suddenly see them pulled because mom and dad can’t find work, the economy has tanked, and there is no money, and then you will see real K-selection kick in. Deprive the family of copious food, so they are often hungry, and you will see them slip even farther K. Add in the mix of teenage rebellion and oppressive SJWs, and freedom’s return is assured.
K-selection is coming, the only question is how fast.

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