Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"All Of These Liars Will Be Sued When The Election Is Over" -

“I cannot spare this man, he fights!” – Abraham Lincoln
Yet, even as Trump praised Abraham Lincoln for uniting the country, Trump laced his Gettysburg speech with familiar charges of a rigged election and corrupt media, along with a new vow to sue 10 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.
“All of these liars will be sued when the election is over,” Trump told a small audience at the Eisenhower Hotel.
This is the use of amygdala to control future behavior. When each of these accusers heard this, a cold shiver went down their spine. Whatever happens now, they will be out tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, and have much heartache ahead of them, fighting what will be the most powerful billionaire on earth.
This is also an amygdala hijack on any Hillary supporters involved in this treachery. Once Donald and his lawyers have access to discovery, who knows what crooked dealings they may uncover, and who else may be joined to this lawsuit.
The future will be interesting indeed.
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