Friday, October 28, 2016

Hillary’s Security Hates Her

Hillary Clinton’s security detail hated her so much that they privately snickered after she accidentally fell and broke her arm when she was secretary of state in 2009, one of her former guards told the Post…
“We sort of got the last laugh. It was kind of like payback: You’re treating us like s–t. Hey karma is a bitch! We were smiling to ourselves,” the agent told The Post on Wednesday
“She blamed us for breaking her elbow, saying it was our fault and we could have prevented that. She’s bad news,” the agent said…
“When I first met her, we were given specific instructions: don’t look at her, don’t look at her general direction and if you need to talk to her, keep it short and stay out of her way,” the agent told The Post.
Notice, you can’t look at her. Looking at her is amygdala-stimulating, and her amygdala can’t even handle that. Sensitive amygdalae, that cannot tolerate stress, are the worst thing to have in your life. Every moment is spent irritated and on guard, waiting for the next explosion.
It is also the worst thing to have in a leader. This was the exact same thing that had her asking why they hadn’t droned Assange.
You do not want such a crazy bitch with her finger on the button. The very fact that she is even plausibly able to win an election for President means the Apocalypse is closer than you would think.

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