Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Some Questions For Any NeverTrump’er

I would just ask the following questions of any Never Trumper:
Would you support George W Bush?
Will Donald grow the federal government more than George W. Bush did?
Will Donald import tons of third world foreigners who will vote for liberalism, and criticize us for opposing it, and imply there is something wrong with us, as the Bushes do?
Will Donald refuse to fight liberals as much as George W. Bush did?
Will Donald let the Republicans be demonized as much as George W. Bush did?
Will Donald have a ready conservative successor as his VP, who will be ready to run for office immediately after his term? Did Bush?
Do you think Donald will hand Congress to the Democrats willingly?
Will Donald mire the nation in an unpopular war, talking about how important it is for us to sacrifice to bring freedom to savage imbeciles?
Has the nation gone more conservative, and become more likely to vote Republican under Donald’s brief tenure, than it did under eight full years of Bush?
Are we more likely to get a wall with Donald than with a Bush?
Is Donald more likely to protect the Tea Party members from IRS abuses than any establishment conservative?
My view is they will not be different on guns (Bush supported an assault weapons ban – Donald, whose sons are diehard NRA members, does not), Supreme Court Justices (*cough* Harriet Meyers), or abortion. Donald will undoubtedly shame liberal traitors a little more, as he seems happy to insult anyone on twitter (Bush viewed insulting someone as beneath him), and there will be no difference on gays, marriage, et cetera, as Bush never had the stomach for any such fight anyway.
Donald will undoubtedly support a strong federal government with tons of authority, but I doubt he will do anything approaching the Patriot Act, and I’d assume he will unfreeze Mike Cernovich’s bank accounts, and put an end to the IRS targeting of his supporters, so I see him as a net positive for government intrusiveness just on that. Add in a leader who doesn’t view the Tea Party as an impediment to his hold on power, and it is tough to see how any establishment candidate can hold a candle to Donald.
Maybe I’m missing something, but the real weakness in the Cuck’s arguments would seem to be the liberal leftism of the establishment candidates they seem to lionize. Once you come out supporting Jeb “act of love” Bush over Donald, you have pretty much lost any credibility with the rank and file.
Given how the conservative movement is under attack from the government, credibility and perceived loyalty to the movement is more important now than ever before.

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