Monday, October 3, 2016

Mike Cernovich’s Bank Accounts Frozen

Mike Cernovich Verified account @Cernovich
Sick Hillary’s people fired warning shot at me. ALL accounts (multiple banks) simultaneously frozen. Had to talk to “senior operations.”
I have been saying problems will be coming form this direction. Note that there is no way Cernovich is not under heavy coverage.
This is the infiltration of domestic intelligence by SJWs in the Clinton Machine. HUD, HHS, and EPA cannot do this. Domestic Intelligence can do this on a moment’s notice with a phone call – it is part of their terrorism powers. If Achmed Igottabom is on the run and an imminent threat, this is how you deny him the ability to operate on the fly. It is beyond astonishing they would use it for such a minor, ideological grudge.
I’d love to know what tweet Cernovich sent out that triggered the SJW in question into taking that step.
Part of the problem is that intel is not only an infiltration target of left wing ideologues. It also recruits from among new immigrants, to get people with language skills, shady associations, no online history to search and compromise, and the vulnerability and controllability of a new person in a foreign land. This gives new foreigners outsized access to the machine. One minute a new Arab immigrant is brought in to infiltrate a mosque, and next he is pulling weight with his superiors to help his radicalized kid get into the machine early in an official position and work his way up the ranks to a leadership position.
Just note the power of that machine, the total lack of any consequence for those who wield it on a whim – and that it is now turned on us.
I hope when Trump gets in, he realizes how much his supporters are under the pressure of the machine he commands. That whole rat’s nest needs a good purging of SJWs and foreigners, and then to be turned full bore on the left.

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