Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scott Adams Is Under Fire

This weekend I got “shadowbanned” on Twitter…
Late last week my Twitter feed was invaded by an army of Clinton trolls (it’s a real thing) leaving sarcastic insults and not much else on my feed…
At around the same time, a bottom-feeder at Slate wrote a hit piece on me that had nothing to do with anything…
P.S. The one and only speaking gig I had on my calendar for the coming year cancelled yesterday… I estimate my opportunity cost from speaking events alone to be around $1 million.
Wait until he figures out that it isn’t a coincidence somebody is always driving by just as he goes to get his mail.
Understand, these are the non-governmental shitlibs he is describing. All throughout the machinery of government are shitlibs just like this waiting for you to fall onto their radar. From IRS, to DHS, to every other regulatory agency out there. And they are organized. Adams will get audited now, just for starters.
As a persuader who has shown a predisposition toward freedom he is now a clear threat. I would not be surprised if he comes under at least private sector surveillance courtesy of liberals, with an eye to compromising him. If I were him, I would be watching that Kristina girl next door very carefully. If I were tasked with compromising him, planting a biscuit next door who always wants to come over and shoot web videos would be high on my list. And no, I am not joking. Intel is all about what works, and that works more often than not.
This is the difference. We could coexist with the left, but the left will never coexist with us. Trump will need to either defang the government’s ability to act out against his people, or he will have to allow it to be directed at the left full bore to destroy it once and for all.
Any other option leads to Apocalypse.

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