Friday, August 12, 2016

Alpha Game: The smart girl penalty

 Good point. Smart women frequently lament that men are not attracted to intelligent women. They think this unjust. But it is just and perfectly understandable.  Men notice that being really smart doesn’t make women easier to get along with. In fact the exact opposite is more likely to be true. One of the problems with smart people is that they are frequently NOT smart in their dealings with other people. They frequently find it necessary to show how much smarter they are than the other person and that gets tiresome in a hurry. People quickly grow weary of being insulted, belittled and second-guessed. So if the smart people were really smart they would be able to figure out that it’s not smart to show how smart you are all the time. Now on the other hand men will typically put up with a lot of drama to be near a woman who is very physically attractive, whereas they will not tolerate a lot of drama from a woman who is not especially attractive. Intelligent or not. Not fair you say? No, but then life isn’t fair. But this makes perfect sense from a Darwinian evolutionary reproductive standpoint. Being smart alone also does not make women more likely to want to have sex more often and/or make more babies (nor does it make men more likely to want to make babies with them). Evolution cares only about promoting the propagation of the species, about producing offspring who will survive to maturity and create even more offspring, and so on. Evolution does not care about the happiness of any individual. If a person is truly smart he, or she, will figure this out. See the also the Hot-Crazy Matrix.


It applies to a woman unless she is unusually hot:
It is enough to make every erudite woman weep.

Research suggests that when it comes to choosing a romantic partner, men are actively turned off by intelligence – and can only overcome this massive obstacle if they find the woman particularly attractive.

The study, in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, states: ‘While seeking partners, women do not exclude men who are perceived as less physically attractive. Even those men who are not perceived by women as physically attractive may receive positive speed-dating decisions, if only those men seem intelligent.

‘Males demonstrate a clearly different approach to mate selection. In men’s perception, for relatively high values of women’s perceived intelligence, this personal trait turns out to be an economic bad.

'Increases in already high levels of women’s intelligence have to be compensated for by increases in women’s perceived physical attractiveness to keep the probability of being chosen by men the same.’
Like it or not, this IQ-penalty for women makes a tremendous amount of sense due to a) hypergamy, and b) female shit-testing.

Smart women can be a massive pain in the ass, simply because they are better able to rationalize and justify their actions. And unlike men, women do not respect less intelligent men, which means they will tend to lose attraction to a less intelligent man over time and make his life a living hell. Most men instinctively grasp this, and avoid pursuing women they know are more intelligent than they are.

Even the highly intelligent man is likely to disfavor smart women, because smart women are constantly trying to demonstrate their intelligence, often by adopting a cantankerous and contrarian stance, constantly contradicting everything everyone around them says.Even if you are capable of consistently knocking back their challenges, is that something you really want to put up with all the time?

Probably not. Unless, of course, she's unusually hot. Heather #1 can afford to be a bitch, because she's beautiful. Most smart women can't.

This suggests that when women play dumb, what they're really trying to signal is that they're agreeable, they're not inclined to be a tedious, contrary bitch like the other smart girls.

Speaking only for myself, there are few things for which I hold more contempt than contrary individuals. They will argue that black is white, day is night, and they will do so without hesitation. They're so fucking stupid, and yet they genuinely believe that they are showing off their intelligence. They would be amusing if they weren't so obnoxious.

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