Thursday, August 25, 2016

Muslims say Muslims endanger Muslims more than "Islamophobia" -

'Islamophobe' is a pejorative concocted by globalism to intimidate sane people, discouraging them from being honest in their evaluation of Islam. 

A news site in Britain for Middle Eastern people stops short of drawing that conclusion. It does, however, admit that Muslims are a greater danger to Muslims than mythological 'Islamophobia.'

And whilst we may well like to highlight the rampant Islamophobia, you are unlikely to say anything of the religious schools of thought and organisations that clearly are teaching young children that they are inherently better Muslims than others in their own community.

Let us not shy away and ignore the obvious. It is clearly an issue that needs to be tackled.

We have groups and schools who receive public money and are following set beliefs that hammer home the message that one is more of a Muslim because one follows a particular Islamic theology.

These are not extremists. Publicly not anyway.

So, whilst we may well moan of Islamophobia, let’s face it, the biggest threat to Muslims are in fact other Muslims.

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