Saturday, August 20, 2016

France: Refugees attack woman in broad daylight -

A surveillance video camera recorded a woman in France being mugged in broad daylight. 

The attack occured on a busy city street. Passersby ignored the attack as if it is an everyday occurrence. 

Watch the video below

After the attackers flee, two men rush to the victim's aid. 

This is reality. 

'Refugees' are not fleeing violence. They are importing violence. 

'Refugees' from Muslim countries are, in reality, Islamic insurgents. The 'refugee' moniker is only applied so globalists can legitimize overwhelming the West with Muslim insurgents. 

Islam has been in the attack mode for 1,400 years. The current conflicts in the Middle East are not new. They are an extension of a centuries-old culture in which the average IQ is south of 85. 

It is a culture of violence that contrasts with Western values. With few exception, Muslims from the Middle East have no concept of traditional family life. Rather, they embrace misogyny and polygamy as the norm.
Click to watch video 

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