Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Doomier Than Derb: “A Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction-Level Event”

He’s right. If Hillary wins the country is doomed. The economy will tank even more and the social chaos will be so severe and widespread the country will be unrecognizable. The Republicans will never win another election again. Hillary will see to it by flooding the country with immigrants and refugees from the third world who will become perpetual welfare clients and all vote Democrat. As well as their children, grandchildren and great grand children who will all come to outnumber Republican voters for good and all.
What few jobs will be left for will be performed by robots, even white collar jobs, as government over-taxation and over-regulation makes human labor more expensive.


In the current Radio Derb I warn of a Clintocalypse:  the end of our constitutional order via judicial usurpation and accelerated mass immigration that would follow a victory by Mrs Clinton in November’s election.
Possibly some listeners think I am overstating the peril.  I refer those listeners to Don Feder’s fine thundering piece inAmerican Thinker.  The title gives you the general flavor: A Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction-Level Event.
By comparison with Feder, I am a mere milquetoast doomster:
The Second Amendment will be repealed, even the most modest restrictions on abortion ended, and a green light given to the assault on religious liberty . . ..
Hillary will accelerate a trend that started the mid-1960s — using immigration (legal and illegal) to change America’s demographics and national identity . . .
Clinton will maintain the pretense of fighting ISIS while importing the poison . . .
Think Obama is skilled at playing the race card? Hillary will put him to shame . . .
Under Clinton 2.0, government will be the only thing that grows . . .
The War on Christians and conservatives will continue full-throttle. Nobody does vicious like the former head of the Bimbo Eruption Squad . . .
Am I annoyed when some other writer out-dooms me?  Mildly; but I rest smug in the belief that “Clintocalypse” is a much niftier encapsulation of the peril than “the political equivalent of an extinction-level event.”

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