Thursday, October 8, 2015

Playmobil toy pirate ship with slave figurine sparks outrage

Well piracy isn’t a game either, it’s a crime. So what’s your point?

Some assembly — and a lot of explanation — required.
A Playmobil toy pirate ship equipped with what appears to be a shackled slave figurine has sparked outrage after a California woman stumbled upon instructions telling her to slap a chain around its neck.
"I am mortified," Aimee Norman wrote on Facebook. "Who would think in the year 2015? Slavery is not a game."
Norman said she bought the set for her 5-year-old nephew's birthday — and chose it specifically when she saw it came with a "black character."
But along with boat floats, two cannons and a removable upper deck, the family found the dark-skinned plastic doll came with a small silver cuff.

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