Friday, October 23, 2015

The Hessians Are Here!

All Leftists think alike. Regardless of what country they are from, they all have the same agenda. And in Germany , as in America, even the conservative parties have been conned into supporting mass immigration to enable Marxist domination of the country (either conned or infiltrated by closet Leftists). FYI the Christian Democrats is Germany’s principle right of center party, analogous to America’s Republican party. In Europe both the right wing and the left wing parties support socialism and cradle to grave welfare programs. The difference is that the Right wing supports socialism and welfare only for native (white) Europeans and the Left wing supports it for non-European third world migrants as well. In America both the Republicans and the Democrats support welfare for poor people, but the Democrats also support welfare for middle class people, so that the middle class will become hooked on government benefits too and won’t want to see them cut for the poor, lest their own get cut too.
In a blog post on Monday I described Walter Lübcke as “District President of Lohfelden.”
A German reader corrects me:
Exactly spoken, he’s the “Regierungspräsident” (government’s president) of North Hessia.
Hessia could be compared to one of the smaller states in the U.S.
North Hessia and South Hessia could be compared to French départements, and the position of “Regierungspräsident” is comparable to the position of a French “préfet”. He’s a representative of the Hessian government. Interestingly both the government and Lübcke are Christian Democrats and emphasize their Christian values.
Thank you for the correction, Sir.
In relation to Regierungspräsident Lübcke’s suggestion that Germans who don’t like Mutti Merkel’s program of Islamicization should leave Germany, I note that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton had three days earlier made precisely the same suggestion to citizens of his own state.
Coincidence? I think not.

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