Saturday, October 24, 2015

Articles: Five myths about marijuana and society

Alcoholism is already a significant and persistent problem in our society, so the main rationale for prohibiting Marijuana was the fear that if it was made legal a signifant portion of the country’s population would become stupid and lazy, if not commit as many crimes and cause as many social problems as the alkies. But I guess we’re already there so it doesn’t matter quite so much any more, does it?  Plus the states are going  broke now supporting the welfare state and are looking for new sources of tax revenue to keep them solvent. Legal Marijuana is very expensive because it is highly taxed, the state governments hoping they can make a lot of money off it of course. Therefore black market for weed will never go away because the stoners will always be looking for cheaper product. That’s where the gangs and the cartels come in.

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