Thursday, October 22, 2015

Seriously, Trump Can't Win

True, there still are more Republican voters who don’t want Trump than there are ones who do. So his big hurdle will be to win the Republican nomination. If he can do that he’ll beat Hillary. Voters, especially Conservative Republicans and independent voters need to have something or someone to vote for rather than just something or someone to vote against to motivate them to go to the polls on election day. Conservatives need to be inspired to vote for someone so they can’t be counted on to show up just to vote against Hillary. The Democrat base on the other hand can be counted to always vote against the Republicans regardless of whether or not  they are inspired by the Democrat candidate. All they need is a bus or van to take them to the polls and Democrat activists are prepared to do just that. If Trump doesn’t win the GOP nomination who will? Both Parties are controlled by their big Donors rather than their voters now. The GOP Donors want the polices  they are paying for: Mass Immigration and Amnesty. The things that Trump has said he is against.

Fame won't carry the Donald to the White House.

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