Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Teens" riot on London's Hoe Street -

Black mob violence in the UK. Just like in the good ole’ USA.

Do you believe what you see? Or do you see what you believe? (See Kenn's Law #32.)

Realists believe what they saw: A mob of hundreds of black "teens" rioting in London.

Marxist cultists saw what they believe: An expression of frustration driven by white privilege.

Londoners received a practical lesson in diversity as an estimated 200 "teens" rioted on Hoe Street near Walthamstow Central station.

Reports say police required four hours to restore order.

The official media excuse for the massive brawl? Two girls were fighting over a boy.

Those of us with urban experience understand how ludicrous that explanation is.

The media also described the teens as students from two nearby colleges.

• The challenge of the predatory left is to convince us that multiculturalism and diversity (actually, contradictory terms) are manifestations of a healthy society and are the essence of optimal moral rectitude.

Our senses provide empirical evidence that diversity is a weakness, contrary to the cultural Marxism mantra that diversity is our strength.

The challenge is to convince us that diversity is a strength while human history contradicts that globalist world view. There has never been an instance in human history when ethnic nations occupied the same geographic nations without conflict.

That is, having changed our belief system from reality to Marxist mythology, we must now be compelled to see what we believe rather than believe what we see.

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