Saturday, October 17, 2015

India's border fence visible from space - -- Ever notice that non-Western nations have no problem protecting their borders?

Granted, no one in their right mind is trying to sneak into North Korea and most authoritarian governments build fences to keep people in -- not keep them out.

India, however, is different in that it's economic surge and disdain for neighboring Islamic states make it a prime target for illegal aliens to cripple the nation's economy or bombing the largely Hindu population into submission to Allah.

A recent image captured the extent of Indian's border fence.  The photo was taken from space and the 1,200 mile fence is clearly visible, due to floodlighting.

• Advocates of open borders claim such a project along our border with Mexico is impractical if not impossible.

The United States, however, has built and maintains nearly 50,000 miles of Interstate highways. That system includes massive bridges, extensive drainage systems, literal mountain-moving construction and other engineering marvels. Certainly the United States has the ability to build an efficient fence along its border with Mexico that spans less than 2,000 miles.

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