Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Female Japanese Artist Targeted for Cartoon About Muslim Migrants


The left is the same everywhere. Whether it's in Europe, America or... Japan. Manga artist Toshiko Hasumi has been targeted for daring to question the myth of the oppressed Syrian migrant. The caption of her cartoon reads...
“I want to live a safe and clean life, have a gourmet meal, go out freely, wear pretty things and luxuriate. I want to live my life the way I want without a care in the world — all at the expense of someone else.
“I have an idea. Why don’t I become a refugee?”
Hasumi rejected accusations it was racist, claiming she did not seek to denigrate Syrians, she told The Japan Times.
Instead, she said, it was meant to ridicule economic migrants “pursing a safer, more comfortable life in a foreign land under the guise of pitiable asylum seekers.”
Toshiko Hasumi told BBC Trending that she believed the people signing the petition were left-wing activists. "I draw many political mangas [Japanese comics] which are not favourable to them," she said. "This is why they targeted me."
Toshiko was unapologetic creating it: "I don't want European nations to be victimised and hard working people should not suffer by those fake immigrants," she told Trending.
And she's right. Even mainstream media coverage admits that large numbers of the Muslim migrants are not Syrians. The vast majority are young men.
“It is my understanding that most of the refugees fleeing Syria this time are bogus asylum seekers,” she told the Japan Times. “Instead of traveling around furtively like before, those illegal migrants are now inundating other countries through the front door.”
Foreign Policy's latest piece has documented widespread lying by Muslim migrants who falsely claim to be from Syria. Local residents speak of finding large numbers of passports from other countries abandoned by the migrants.
But as usual the left is uninterested in facts, only in fighting its culture war.

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