Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Will Hillary Clinton Be Taken Down By Cookstoves? -

If these cookstoves don’t achieve the stated goals, why is Clinton such a proponent? As Christine Lakatos, whom I have worked with on dozens of green-energy, crony-corruption reports and who alerted me to this dirty story, found in her Green Corruption File report that Alliance work was a high priority during Clinton’s time as secretary of state. The project spanned eleven federal agencies and, so far, totals more than $114 million.
Clinton’s involvement risks, as the Washington Times points out: “Raising questions about where she drew the line between official business and aiding the family charity run by her husband and daughter.”
The answer to Clinton’s involvement, and the possible conflict of interest with her role at the State Department and “aiding the family charity,” deserves further investigation. But a hint can be found on the Alliances’ own website: carbon credits. It states: “In addition to being one of the fastest growing offset types in the voluntary market, cookstoves credits are selling for some of the highest prices observed in the voluntary carbon market.”
If Clinton becomes president, her energy policies will likely enact a cap-and-trade system or a carbon tax—which would suddenly make her cookstove project profitable. Rather than helping bring modern power to the world’s poor, she’s, as Kreutzer calls it, “prolonging energy poverty for millions upon millions in the developing world.”
And that is the dirty story behind Clinton’s clean cookstove campaign.
This is just one case they know about.
Again, rabbits see the world differently. This was a great way to facilitate a world of free resources for Hillary and her foundation. That was the only metric her amygdala judged it by.
Unfortunately for her, amygdala deficiency also entails an inability to foresee future consequences. Now many are talking about a RICO case, and Trump is about to take the Presidency.
It is tough being a rabbit in a K-selected world.
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