Thursday, November 3, 2016

That's Not The Russians! -

Classic Meme about rabbitry:
What is funny is the gravity of the situation for Huma. We do not know how bad this is. Was she regularly CC’ing herself classified data to print it out for Hillary on a regular basis? Could all of Hillary’s emails be sitting on a notoriously hackable Yahoo server? Did she pass it all to the Muslim Brotherhood, or Saudi intel? Did she commit perjury in the FBI investigation?
Did Hillary just get caught in a major federal crime, showing intent by emailing Huma at a Yahoo email address? Is Hillary now caught in perjury? Is Hillary’s one last chance at a historic Presidential bid, which all the polls said she had in the bag, dead in the water? And if Hillary dies, so does Huma’s entire career Huma goes from future Secretary of State to pariah in a moment.
And it all began with Weiner, alone and bored, thinking to himself, “I’ll just email this sixteen year old a picture of my crotch.”
“Who will ever find out?”

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