Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's Trump!

A President Trump would be as transformative as Reagan, He would knock the Left-run consensus out of the ballpark


 I am so happy I could cry.  America has been saved from the psychopathic b*tch and all her ilk who would destroy America.  In my own tiny way, I helped campaign for him so his victory is a victory for me too.  Great blessings and prosperity ahead for America now.

And Trump has singlehandedly reformed and reinvigorates American conservatism.  The Congressional GOP had become just a watered-down version of the Left.  They refused to oppose Muslim immigration because that would be "racist", which is what the Left say.  Trump has turned all that on its head.  The Left no longer rule the roost.  And with both the Senate and the House still in GOP hands, Trump should have little problem getting through any changes to the law that he wants. I am looking forward to his SCOTUS nominee too.
-          John J. Ray , Brisbane , AU

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