Thursday, November 10, 2016

James Comey To Be Fired By Obama -

Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett has convinced President Obama to remove James Comey from his job as director of the FBI…
She also argued that there would be bipartisan support in Congress for such a move against Comey, who has alienated both Democrats and Republicans.
After the White House legal counsel agreed with Jarrett, Obama ordered his top advisers to draw up a plan for getting rid of the troublesome FBI director.
It has yet to be decided who will wield the hatchet—the president, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, or someone else—and exactly when Comey will be forced to go.
He should have gone all in. You cannot play fair with liberals, or try to take the high ground and treat them decently. You need to either go all in for their total destruction, or give up and strap on your kneepads. Had he gone all in, Conservatives would have felt driven to have his back, and Trump would have protected him.
One thing I wonder – FBI Directors are a ten year appointment. If Obama and the Republican Establishment are really afraid of Trump, might they team up to appoint somebody now who was fully in their back pocket, and who would stymie Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp? Trump could always fire him, but if he did, it would give any subsequent investigations the feel of a personal witch hunt by a handpicked persecutor. It would be a bold move by an establishment that was united in its corruption.
That might stymie a normal politician, but I have a feel Donald will be undeterred.

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