Sunday, January 10, 2016

Teen punched in face for wearing hijab is fined £90 because... -

More on the backlash against Muslims that exists only in the hive mind of the Leftist controlled news media. If Christian whites behaved same the way Muslims do you better believe there would be a backlash against Muslims. But since they do not there is not one. Muslims still have little to fear and they know it. At the same time they’re doing a smashing job of gaming the PC system and baiting the authorities into oppressing non-Muslims for fictitious assaults on Muslims.

In the days following the most recent Muslim terror attacks in Paris, a smattering of Islamophobic reports emerged. 

A California university student complained a white male choked her while making an Islamophobic remark. 

In Britain a teen girl complained to police that she was punched in the face while wearing her Klan hood, er, uh, hijab. 

Police in Birmingham, England — where the alleged assault occurred — launched an intensive investigation. Muslims, after all, are widely considered a protect class; akin to the notorious spotted owl. 

What the cops turned up was . . . nothing. 

After reviewing video recording from security cameras, police determined the Muslim girl was lying. 

Consquently, she was fined £90 which, we're guessing, didn't cover the cost of the investigation.

• In the USA, a teen was smacked down by a teacher for not wearing a hijab.

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