Sunday, January 10, 2016

Germany Attacks Patriots with Water Canons

Germany practices riot control, but not on the migrants:
In Cologne, riot police fired water canon at PEGIDA protesters after some threw firecrackers and beer bottles at officers, a Reuters witness said.
Two people were injured in the clash, and police made a number of arrests.
Police had called on demonstrators, some of whom had chanted “Merkel must go”, to return to a square near the city’s train station, from where they had set out on a march through the city.
A police spokeswoman said the PEGIDA protest had attracted some 1,700 people, half of whom she described as coming from the ‘hooligan scene’.
“Rapefugees not welcome,” one banner read.
In all, about 1,700 police officers were on the streets of Cologne, where more than 3,000 people attended the PEGIDA rally and a rival demonstration.
The firecrackers are good. Throwing beer bottles so glass breaks is good. Drums would be good, as would chants and coordinated foot stomps. Even getting up to the doors rabbits hide behind and beating on them would be good. But I wouldn’t fight with the cops if it can be avoided.
Instead I would establish multiple potential scare sites, like refugee centers, refugee hangouts, town hall, left wing headquarters, etc, and flash mob them using social media. You want a crowd of a thousand showing up at the local leftist political office all of a sudden, chanting, breaking bottles, setting off firecrackers, and banging on doors. You want the sense inside that nobody could stop the crowd if it went crazy. It is that hanging at the knife’s edge of chaos that will make for the amygdala activation and development which will turn the nation’s will.
Then, just before the police arrive, the crowd evaporates, so the police roll up on nothing after the whole protest is over. To the rabbits it would almost be, subconsciously, as if the police were rolling up on a pile of dead bodies after the action is over. It would make them look powerless to stop the mob, or even inflict consequences after the fact.
Right now rabbits are telling themselves the police and government will protect them. It is their amygdala relaxant. You need to remove that amygdala crutch from the rabbits by showing them that they are your sole focus, as you amp up the threat, and make the government look helpless to protect them. That means showing up at rabbit central on a moment’s notice, when no police are around, and launching an amygdala triggering display, before melting away before the police arrive.
When you fight with the police, the rabbits tell themselves you are focused on the police, and not on them. It calms them, because until all the police are dead, the rabbits feel as if they are safe. They still have time to screw things up, before they have to back down. Meanwhile most of the cops are there only because they have to be, to feed their families. Many probably sympathize with the cause because their daughters live there too. But they end up dealing with the broken bottles and bruises which will only turn them against you.
If you follow that strategy, rabbits will suddenly adopt your point of view, and tell themselves it was their own rigid adherence to logic that brought them to that conclusion, not the fear of some faceless mob’s potential savagery – just like how now they believe their love of the Muslims is intellectual. Notice how the police couldn’t protect them from the Muslims either, in the rabbit’s mind. They key to avoiding civil war is finding a way to create that perception, without actually killing a rabbit. The raucous flash mob that eludes police is as close as you will get.
A grasp of amygdala and rabbitology offers much insight into how to structure the peaceful protests that normally precede unrest, so they can have their psychology-molding effects without anyone getting hurt, and without anybody on the K-strategist’s side getting arrested. It is a win-win for everyone but the diehard rabbit.
I hope someday soon when r/K catches on, this will all be of use to that end.

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