Monday, January 4, 2016

Outgrouping, In A Meme

Hey, if it’s a good idea it’s a good idea and it doesn’t matter who said it. Right? But if it’s a bad idea…
Notice how this is the physical manifestation of the psychological drive to out-group others. They would never say this about their own desires.
But suppose you want something that will make you happy. If the socialist doesn’t like it, then by saying this you are, defacto, the enemy of all of society because you are putting your individual freedom first. Since they are too weak to stop you, they look for any way to turn everyone else on you, partly in hopes that you will act as they would, and immediately retreat to avoid the conflict. I believe this psychology is a natural outgrowth of a childhood spent envious, angsty, – and powerless. Those urges, all combined, flow in every direction until they find the path to relief in playing, “Let’s you and him fight!”
They all think like this. It is as if they are all robots, flowing off of an assembly line. They even say the same things, decades apart, and are totally unaware of it. Hillary isn’t paraphrasing what she heard, she just thinks exactly like Hitler did. Same people, same brains, and they always gravitate to politics, where they can use the force of others, better than themselves, to try and to tell you what to do, and make your life less pleasant. It is the envious child, all grown up, and adapted psychologically to follow urges that satisfy all that angst, as best as possible.
At the end of the day, the apocalypse will clean the Augean stables of our society of this pathetic and cowardly riff raff – and it will do it quickly, but only if we don’t get too focused on each other as the shit goes down. We all have one enemy, and it is the rabbits. Never waste energy on another K-strategist that you can spend getting rid of the rabbits.
Apocalypse cometh™

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