Monday, January 4, 2016

Cuckservative Suicide

Interesting point. Some Conservatives/libertarians believe it would be better for the societal collapse to hit sooner rather than later. If it hits in the next couple of years there will still be plenty of “adults” living who will know how to fix things and will be able to rebuild. Once the lunatic Leftist obstructionists can be driven from power that is. And that collapse will have to come before there will be the will to defeat and drive away the Leftists. Whereas if the collapse is put off for another 20 or 30 years the “adults” who will be in power will be Millennials and post millenials, people who will have had their heads filled full of Cultural Marxist / PC bullshit all their lives and won’t know how to fix or build a damned thing. The ensuing dark age will last much longer then than it might otherwise. Americans then will be in a similar postion to the Sixth Century residents of Rome. When the Ostrogoths destroyed the ancient aquaducts that brought fresh water into the city in order to drive out the Byzantines (Eastern Romans) who were endeavoring to retake Italy from the barbarians, the current residents of Rome found themselves unable to repair the aquaducts. They had colectively forgotten how to build such thing. Consequently the great city of Rome instantly became an inhospitable place because no more fresh water was brought into all of its districts. The population then strunk within 50 years from about a million people down to around 50,000. With few people willing and able to maintan them all the edifices of Rome fell into the decriptitude and disrepair that we see today.

The one thing which worried me about Cruz was that he had some measure of Establishment stink, just by having been inside the Senate. If this is true, it goes a long way to assuage that worry:
The late stages of the invisible primary would not be complete without reports of intrigue and skullduggery in Iowa, with campaigns forming tactical alliances against common enemies. We have one today from National Review’s Tim Alberta and Eliana Johnson, who report that supporters of the last two caucus winners, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, are so bitter at being eclipsed by Ted Cruz that they are conspiring to block the Texan and instead elevate Marco Rubio. There’s only one problem with that scenario: Under Republican caucus procedures, there’s no way the disgruntled social conservatives can achieve their alleged goal without damaging their own candidates, who will probably drop out if they don’t do surprisingly well in Iowa.
Huckabee and Santorum were always owned by the machine, and intended as tools with which the establishment could take the Evangelical vote away from any candidate who was not establishment approved. Obviously the establishment intends to make one last effort to prop up Rubio, in the hopes they can put one if their Cucks in the running for the nomination.
That they have given up on simply taking that vote away from the challengers and rendering it moot, and are trying to find a way to elevate the establishment candidate is a great sign – they are desperate and don’t trust Cruz at all. Without Cruz’s support it also means that they are very unlikely to unseat the new, anti-establishment majority, even with it split between the radical departure from establishment that is Trump and the more conventional Cruz. That is all good.
Whoever wins, Cruz or Trump, we likely have ourselves a non-Cuckservative, anti-establishment candidate – the first since Reagan. Now if only we can keep him from letting the machine blackmail him into putting a Cuck in the #2 position, as happened to Reagan.
My only worry is either Trump or Cruz might actually govern effectively enough to delay the Apocalypse. I really think we need to hit that rock bottom of the Apocalypse.
I suppose every silver lining has a cloud.
GOPocalypse cometh™

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