Monday, July 4, 2016

Why won’t the cisgendered serve?

As the CBMW has explained, the reason we opened combat roles up to women is because cowardly men were forcing women to serve in their place.  Given today’s announcement by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, the only explanation can be that cisgendered people are refusing to serve, and insisting that trans-gendered serve in their place.  First men who identify as men wouldn’t fight, so women who wanted to be like men had to join.  Now, men who identify as women are forced to fight in the place of…
I’m not sure.  I’m fairly certain it is cisgendered married men’s fault though, especially if they are fathers.  Perhaps if married men were better at implementing crossdressing theology (marital cross-dressing), we wouldn’t need crossdressing in the military (martial cross-dressing).

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