Tuesday, July 5, 2016

20 Year Old Refugees Placed In High School In Canada – Attempt To Molest Girls And Bully Students

One email from the head of the school’s international students department expressed concern that the Brussels attack would have a “trickle down” effect on the refugee students.
After receiving a tip about Fredericton High School in New Brunswick, Canada… TheRebel received more than 2,700 documents from the school in response to their request…
One email, Goldy reported on Monday, said that 19 and 20-year-old Syrian migrants were aggressively confronting teachers, “particularly when it comes to the girls in the class, and also bullying the others in the class.”
One school employee reported “issues surrounding gender/age divisions that seems important to our Syrian population – especially these older boys when it comes to their younger sisters.”
Another email reported that students were offended that the refugees were using sexually explicit language in front of their female classmates.
One, refugees routinely claim to be children in order to ease their immigration status pathway. So yes, they are saying these are 20 year olds, but they may very well be 30 or 35 year olds.
Two, why would they even let 20 year olds attend high school? And you know these aren’t 20 year olds taking Calculus II and brushing up on their ability to transfect genes into E coli cells. These are 20 year olds taking remedial addition and some form of the birds and the bees as their biology class.
There is no hope they will ever integrate into a first world society intellectually or practically, and even if they could they lack the cultural sensibility and moral stature to integrate into Western Civilization. On top of all of that, in trying to bring them in, we expose our own children to sexual abuse and bullying by ingrates who relentlessly try to cow anyone they think they can easily frighten.
And as this all goes on, the administration is busy worrying about the well-being of the refugees who are victimizing our own children.
Again, r-strategists faced with K-selection will try to make everyone a loser, as a way to elevate their own status relative to the natural winners. If they didn’t do this a segment of that school would grow up happy and productive, and successful. They would become the 2%, or the 40%, or the 80% that are happier than the liberal. BY doing this, everyone is made miserable, and the liberal feels better about their own position.
The natural outcome of this will be a whole generation of youngsters who will be raised with a perception that they will need to deal with outgroups themselves, because everyone else is too stupid and weak to do so on their behalf. As they politically mature, I would expect a lot of hatred for the left as well.
And that is all before the Apocalypse is added in.

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