Saturday, January 2, 2016

Woman who escaped white oppression in USA is murdered in Africa

Isn’t this ironic?

Jeannette Salter left her home in Detroit and moved to Ghana, Africa. She changed her name to Mamelena Dio and immersed herself in the culture of her roots.

Earlier this year the 75-year-old feminist was found murdered along side her 60-year-old sister. Reports say Dio was murdered after claiming to be chief. Apparently African-Africans believe that African-Americans can't be chiefs; besides, she was a woman.

Reports say her death may have been due to a dispute over land ownership.
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Diop was originally from Cleveland, but moved to Detroit as a young woman, said Simmons. She "became involved in radical politics ... social movements" in African-American and women's movements.

In 1973, she helped set up the Detroit chapter of the now-defunct National Black Feminist Organization. She was also a social worker and counselor, said family members.

Several years later, she traveled to west African countries, the land of her origins. She settled in Ghana, getting involved with helping people, said family members. She was also into eating organic and using natural herbs.

"My mother was very articulate, very into herbs and holistic medicine, eating natural," said Cheryl Salters.

A grandson, James Salters, said that Diop was involved with helping Ghanians with education, water systems and affordable housing.

He said: "I feel sad that someone would actually target an older woman when she's over there trying to do good for that country."

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