Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rutgers professor off to prison for doing this to a disabled man


Like Lenin said, it’s not what but who. But apparently some whats are still too outrageous for even our depraved society to tolerate no matter who does it.

Dr Anna Stubblefield, 45, lost her appeal.

The Rutgers University professor was convicted of raping a mute, diaper-wearing man in her office in Newark, New Jersey in 2011. The victim was smitten with cerebral palsy and is unable to speak beyond making noises.
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Stubblefield previously served as chairwoman of the Rutgers' philosophy department.
She met the 34-year-old victim in 2009 through his brother, who had been taking her course. Over the next two years, Stubblefield worked with the man using a method known as facilitated communication. She argued that although he could not speak, he could communicate by typing.

She said the two were love and they revealed their sexual relationship to his mother and brother in 2011.
Prosecutors challenged the method of facilitated communication, and psychologists determined that he was mentally incompetent and couldn't consent to sexual activity.

Defense attorney James Patton said their most recent motion is based on a lack of evidence to prove Stubblefield knew the man couldn't consent.

She is expected to be interviewed at a Woodbridge facility for persistent sex offenders, he said.

That should determine if Stubblefield will be considered a compulsive sex offender, he said.

That report will affect how she is sentenced, he said. Court records show she is scheduled for sentencing January 15 and faces a sentence of up to 40 years in state prison.

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