Monday, January 4, 2016

Putin once casually said over dinner that he could destroy America in a half-hour (or less)

Putin is right. On the one hand Obama et al could give a fig about Russia now that they are no longer Communists, good Marxist fellow travelers as it where. It’s just another Christian white country now and we know what all those faculty lounge Leftist radicals who populate the Obama administration think of bitter clinger Christian whites, don’t we? Our President has to pretend to care about Russia and not be dismissive of its concerns and interests precisely because it still is a major nuclear power that could destroy America within half an hour. On the other hand, we mean Russia no harm and they know it, so Russia/ Putin shouldn’t be concerned about America building a missile defense system. To the Russian’s/ Putin’s perpetually paranoid way of thinking they need to be able to threaten to destroy America in order to keep the American Government honest. Russians take the long view of history and don’t take it for granted that America will always remain a bunch of good natured peace-loving fools. History has shown that democracies never last so the chances are good in the next hundred years that America could turn into a belligerent dictatorship in Russia’s eyes. One with the world’s most powerful armed forces to boot. So Putin’s concern over a American missile defense system being a threat to Russia is fundamentally psychological projection. What would Putin do if he had no reason to fear America’s nukes? So to placate Putin’s/Russia’s paranoia America should leave itself vulnerable to a nuclear missile attack from the maniacs in North Korea or Iran? I don’t think so!

In December 2011, then-Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was positioned to reclaim his role as the president of Russia after the formalities of the March 2012 elections.
Fittingly, Putin hosted a lavish banquet at New Century, Moscow's richest equestrian club, for members of the Valdai Club and distinguished academics and journalists from around the world.
"The fare was extravagant: smoked trout, duck liver, venison soup, rhubarb sorbet, veal cheeks, and pear soup with caramel," according to authors of the "The Russia-China Axis," Douglas E. Schoen and Melik Kaylan.
Putin addressed his guests on topics ranging from the "Russian government's loss of public trust to his own indispensable leadership."
He later directed his focus on the US and addressed the Americans in attendance, "You ask me whether we are going to change," he said.
"The ball is in your court. Will you change?"
He went on to express his disapproval of US plans to build a missile-defense system that he believed would pose a deliberate threat to Russia's national security.
Putin then added that the only reason the US had any interest in relations with Moscow was that Russia was the only country that could "destroy America in half an hour or less."
Schoen and Kaylan conclude, "It would be a difficult to find a statement more revealing about Putin's true position regarding the United States."

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